Bump And Beyond

PRE-and postnatal pampering for moms to be.

THEY say that pregnant women glow during pregnancy, but this might not exactly be the truth for a lot of us. Celebrities do however have the uncanny ability to look great during pregnancy and then slip back into their pre-baby pants effortlessly right after getting up from the hospital bed. Life is unfair like that, but at least there are ways you can retain your beauty routine while expecting and rekindle it afterwards.

  1. Keep Your Bod

YOU’VE always been a firm believer in self-care. The better you look, the better you feel after all. But now you’re not sure how pregnancy is going to treat you. Will you end up with stretch marks or will pesky acne start to rear its ugly head again? Although there are a few things that will no doubt change in your body throughout pregnancy, good news is that you’re already in the habit of taking care of yourself.

  • First thing’s first: start applying stretch mark creams and treatments early on in pregnancy. The physical stretching of the skin and hormonal changes cause elastic fibres to break.
  • If you have started to break out, avoid products with vitamin A. Although this is a wonder ingredient when it comes to battling pimples, it can be dangerous for your unborn child. Go all natural for the time being with honey, coconut oil or baking soda as alternatives for pimple problems.
  • Swollen feet are quite common throughout pregnancy. Use warm water and Epsom salt to soak your feet. You can also use jojoba oil to massage feet after soaking.
  • Get Your Body Back

Happy new mom alert! The only things you aren’t gonna miss is the nausea, backache and the fact that you can’t fit into your regular clothes. It’s time to get your beauty back on track. Keep in mind that your body will not return to normal immediately, so give yourself time. There are however (sort of) quick-fixes that you can employ to get you feeling like your old self again.

  • If you’ve had a C-section, treat the scar with vitamin E or over-the-counter creams like cocoa butter to reduce the appearance. 
  • The good news is that after baby you can once again get back to potent skincare. Use all the retinol and hydroquinone your heart desires! Only if you’re not breastfeeding though.
  • After pregnancy, tanning is safe. Also has no impact on breast milk production. If it makes you feel good about yourself, get your tan on! Just remember SPF.
  • It’s going to change your life being able to bend down in the shower and scrub you legs easily – just like the good old days. Full body exfoliation will help to increases blood circulation for glowing skin.

Mommy Must Haves

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