Boity And Powerhouse Panel Encourage UJ Students

This past Friday, Impulse along with Boity and a powerhouse panel made their way to the academic grounds of the University of Johannesburg Bunting Road campus. Here, the panel set out to encourage and inspire students as part of the Impulse Roadshow wrap-up.

The panel consisted of TV personality – Rorisang Thandekiso, award-winning journalist – Ancillar Nombewu, life coach and psychologist – Dr Tshepiso Matentjie, and Impulse ambassador and celebrity – Boity Thulo. Upon their arrival the Student Centre came alive as students couldn’t contain their excitement for the afternoon ahead.


The discussion began with each of the panelists sharing their life stories and some of their greatest accomplishments and life lessons. This allowed students to connect on a personal level with their role models and extract some golden nuggets of wisdom from their experiences. Boity spoke about some of the challenges she experienced being raised by a single mother and having to learn how to make the little that you have stretch to meet your needs.

“Being raised by a single mother, it was challenging at times. My mother tried everything to give me the best but sometimes there are curve balls thrown our way that we cannot control. I was about to enroll for my 3rd year in varsity but unfortunately could not continue due to financial constraints. Following this, I couldn’t imagine sitting at home doing nothing, so I signed up to a casting agency which assisted me in making my first moves in the industry. Through it all I came to own my journey, chased my hearts desires and I now #OwnMyThrone”, – Boity Thulo

Dr Tshepiso Mantentjie went on to add about the importance of self-concept which refers to how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves. “It is your responsibility to take time to understand who you are and what you want from life. If it so happens that there is more than one thing that interests you and sets your soul on fire then pursue it, there is no need to box yourself – you can be good at all of it”.

To end off the afternoon on a high note, Boity surprised students with a performance of one of her most coveted singles – Bakae – which had the UJ students dancing and singing along.

“Through this campaign, we want to share a message to the young women of this country: your dreams matter. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are the queen in your queendom. But you don’t have to walk this road alone – you have your sisterhood to support you. And that is what #TrustYourImpulse and #OwnYourThrone is all about.” – Sphelele Mjadu; Senior PR Manager, Unilever.

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