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Bodybuilding: Twenty Tips For BIG Hair

SCENE: You’ve done your hair, you’re about to walk out the door, looking like you’ve just left the hairstylist’s chair. Just before grabbing your handbag, you take one more glance in the mirror to see your meticulously created hairstyle and, unbelievably, your hair has already fallen flat. If your hair is volume-challenged, then listen up: our tips are tried and beauty editor tested to make it simple for you to reach new heights with your hair.

Selena Gomez

  1. THE best way to ensure 24/7 volume is with the right cut. Even those who prefer longer length hair can add volume with some well-placed layers. Instead of a one-length style, try a layered look for added fullness.

Laverne Cox

  1. IF you’re looking for a quick and simple volumised hair update, a deep side part is what you’re looking for. It will naturally add volume, as piling more than half your hair across the top of your head will do. Recreate Margot Robbie’s futuristic part with a drop of gel at the root and lots of hairspray to get the hair to stay on one side without any bumps or falling layers.

Sculpting Hair Gel: R130, Hannon

  1. CONSIDER texlaxing. Traditional relaxers have a specific processing time for a reason: overprocessing hair can lead to serious damage. Texlaxing allows chemical treatment of the hair, but purposefully under-processes it so it doesn’t over straighten new growth, which gets smooth results while still enjoying a full look.

Kerry Washington

  1. ROLLERS are retro, but really effective. It also has the benefit of being gentler than flat or curling irons and results in a fuller look than when styling with thermal tools. Use rollers in the largest size your tresses allow for voluminous hair that moves.
  2. WHEN applying oil to the hair or scalp, choose a light, non-greasy oil that won’t weigh hair down, but will still provide the needed moisture and sealing. For example olive oil may be too heavy for fine strands, while a coconut or almond oil is very light.

Black Seed Oil: R450, By CHI, Glamit

  1. USING a clarifying shampoo once a month helps remove any build-up that can weigh down your mane. A regular shampooing schedule prevents heavy build-up as well.

Cleanse & Replenish Deep Cleansing Shampoo: R79, TRESemme

  1. SAY what you want about the 80s, but they had something with teasing. Backcombing might be old school, but it works! Take a small section of hair and brush gently downwards against the hair shaft before smoothing over with a paddle brush.
  1. YES, it is possible to thicken whilst conditioning. System Professional’s Volumize Leave-In Conditioner is specially formulated with a Creatonic Complex that weightlessly strengthens and stabilises hair for long lasting volume. It also works to prevent breakage and rejuvenates fine, fragile hair to noticeably improve body and volume.

Volumize Leave-in Conditioner: R330, By System Professional, Everything Hair

  1. PRODUCT makes all the difference. A light dusting of volume powder at the roots, combined with a quick and gentle scalp massage can create luscious volume. The powders work by giving hair extra grit and hold which is how it creates the height.

Volumatte: R320, Lock, Stock & Barrel

  1. FLIP your head upside down when rough-drying wet hair and make sure to dry hair away from the scalp. This smart trick will create lift at the root and when you flip hair back…hello, extreme body!

Ashley Graham

  1. USE dry shampoo…on first day hair. Why? Most of us enjoy how hair tends to get bigger in the days after washing, but as soon as we wash it we lose the fullness again and we’re back to square one. Just after shampooing, spray dray shampoo. It will volumise without the use of water and without disturbing the volume of your second or third-day hair.

Hobo Hair Dry Shampoo: R109.95, By Johnny’s Chop Shop, Dis-Chem

  1. ONCE your style is in place, grab an Afro pick. Lifting the roots with a pick will create the illusion of voluminous hair. Do not pick all the way from the roots to the ends though, this will interfere with the curl pattern or the specific style you’ve created.

Double Teeth Comb: R47.95, Babyliss

  1. MOUSSE is one of the great, unsung heroes of modern hair-styling. Model Karlie Kloss agrees: “I love a volume mousse, because I don’t have thick hair – I have a lot of it, but it’s fine hair. For me it’s just to get a little bit more texture and fullness. People don’t really talk about it, but actually it’s the base for all hairstyles – sitting in the hair chair all these years I’ve seen it again and again, they all start with mousse.”

Studio Pro Boost It Volume Mousse Extra Strong: R69.95, L’Oreal Paris

  1. HIGHLIGHTS and colour with a lot of depth help to create the illusion of volume by making hair look thicker. All-over colour is one thing, but creating depth, that’s best left to the professionals. Plus, colour bulks up hair by coating every strand with pigment.

Jennifer Lopez

  1. SPRAY towel-dried roots with a body-boosting spray before getting the round brush and hairdryer going, to give your hair natural lift and height when blow-drying. For the best results, spritz it under each section and on the surface.

Texturizing Volume Spray: R575, Balmain Hair Couture

  1. TOOLS are important too. Use a metal radial brush while blow-drying. The metal will heat up and allow you to coax body into your style.

Thermal Brush: R120, By UniBrush, Everything Hair

  1. CHEAT your way to volume with extensions. They aren’t just for length. Celebrity stylists use them regularly to create volume for the red carpet.

Jourdan Dunn

  1. IF your new found volume begins to drop by midday, instantly revive your style with a mist of mineral water to regenerate any bodybuilding products that are already present. This will allow you to reshape hair to your liking.

Thermal Spring Water: R149.95, Eau Thermale Avène

  1. CREATE volume overnight – no heat styling required! Pull dry or wet hair up into a high, loose bun and secure with an elastic that won’t cause creases. Hair will set lifted off the scalp and when it’s taken it down, instant volume, plus soft waves.

Invisibobble SLIM: R90, Invisibobble

  1. HEALTHY hair growth starts on the inside. Protein is essential for thick and healthy hair. Get protein from chicken, lean red meats, eggs, nuts, whole grains, soybeans, seafood and dairy products.


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