Beat The Winter Beauty Blahs

WINTER is here!

THE cooler temperatures have already started to set in. You might have noticed subtle changes to your skin and hair already. And we know, it’s not fun. There’s no need for a complete overhaul of your beauty routine though, but we do however suggest a few tweaks to ensure that you survive through the winter looking no less dazzling than when you have just come back from a beach holiday.

Skin Booster


WHILST every year you invest in a richer moisturiser, a foamier face wash and even a hydrating mask, you might be looking into more affordable options this year. If you’re in need of a skin care product that can be seamlessly added to your current regime (preferably one that won’t cost an arm or a leg), think serums. A serum will to simply fall into place within your current skin care routine.

Energise Skin Serum: R529, BOOST!

Red Nose Days

FLUSHED features are part and parcel of colder months. We recommend continuing to use your SPF right through winter and covering up any signs of redness with a little bit of make-up. Start with a minty-green colour corrector followed by skin-coloured concealer. Keep a touch-up kit in your bag.

Green Concealer Wand: R139.95, NYX And Instant Concealer: R370, Clarins

Bright Eyes

THE easiest way to make eyes look wide awake is to add colour. Lightly rim lash lines with a thin tipped liner. Brighten eyes even more by Giving lashes some life and opening up eyes with an eyelash curler. Follow with a lash-defining mascara, focussing on the ends, and be on your way.

Electric Vibes Liner In Paradise: R44.95, Essence And Eyelash Curler: R85, By WBEAUTY, Woolworths

Pasty Complexion

TO supercharge cell turnover, revealing more glowing skin and also eliminating a dry, dull appearance, use a pad with 5% glycolic acid. Glycolic Acid is very effective in breaking down skin cells and removing dead particles. Side Note: Self-tanner is the saviour of pasty winter complexions too.

Idéal Soleil Moisturizing Self-Tanning Milk Face And Body: R275, Vichy  And Smooth Surface Daily Peel Pads: R887, NeoStrata