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She Bangs! Baby Bangs: Would You Dare?

LIKE all risky fashion trends, some love it, others are repulsed by it and the micro-fringe, or baby bangs, is no different. To some it’s as if the hairstylist accidentally sneezed while cutting a fringe and to others it’s the perfect way to add rock n’ roll in your day to day hair. Baby bangs have been a source of high contention. But we have decided to embrace the boldness of the barely there fringe. And if you’re with us, here are some tips before you snip.

FKA TwigsEmma Roberts And Kylie Jenner

  • Make The Commitment

BABY bangs equals high maintenance. As with any fringe, grease and oil build up more quickly on the forehead, so fringe-only washes will be necessary. And stocking up on dry shampoo is mandatory, of course.

  • Stopping Short

MICRO- fringes are, well, micro, but what’s short on one face shape, is long on another. It’s best to go gradually shorter and avoid over enthusiastic snipping.

  • Add Some Edge

NO longer cutesy, no longer ultra-feminine, the shorter, edgier cousin of bangs has been inspired by fashion. It’s a nod to the punk movement and you would pair the trendy fringe with strong stained lips and #onfleek brows.

  • In Your Nature

One of the most important factors is personality. If you’re always at the forefront of the latest beauty trends and have tried your hand at Terrarium eyeshadow, have worn eyebrow wigs and glittered your roots, then why not give this trend a try? More of an introvert than extrovert? This trend is possibly one to pass on.

  • Brow Consideration

WITH micro-bangs, there’s nowhere to hide, so being comfortable with your features is paramount. Eyebrows have to be on-point every day, as they will be front and centre.

  • Curly Girls

TO all ladies with curly or wavy hair, ask yourself how often you wear your hair straight. That will determine whether you should go for a blunt cut that requires blow-dry and straightening, or a fringe that’s cut a little longer, so when it dries curly it settles to a length that suits you.

  • Face It

THE look is best for a narrow- or square-shaped face. But if you love it, just do it and rock it!

  • Through Thick Or Thin

THICK or thin hair, the micro fringe isn’t fased. If you have a lot of hair, then you can have a full-on fringe as deep as you’d like. If you have fine hair, keep it lighter. Ask your stylist to cut a little at a time until happy with the look.

  • She’s With The Band

THIS is not a hairstyle that should be wrapped at night to sleep. When you wrap short bangs, they end up getting twisted. Rather comb them straight down and put a headband over.

  • Sorry Not Sorry

WITH every hair change, there are risks. You might regret the look and cry for two months till it grows out. And with a micro fringe, there’s no escaping it: if you hate it, you have wait-it-out, achingly, painstakingly. Sorry.


Tools For The Trend

PERFECT your micro-fringe with these must-have bang stylers.

Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo: R79.95, TRESemmé, Crop Strutters: R435, EVO, Weightless Hairspray: R240, Label.m, Chevron Headband:  R299, By Witchery, Woolworths, EHC Mini Hairdryer + Mini Hair Straightener: R129, Makro And Acai Sculpt And Define Clay Wax: R485, Brazilian Blowout



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