7 Habits Of Highly Stunning Hair

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BEAUTIFUL hair first and foremost means healthy hair. Our busy lives prevents us from going to the salon on a weekly (or monthly) basis plus we enjoy our lie-ins much too much. There are, however, steps you can implement to ensure gorgeous hair. No matter what your hair type, check out our holy grail of simple do’s and don’ts for healthier, happier and more manageable hair and you could banish bad hair days forever.

PROTECTING hair from heat should be your number one concern when heat styling. Hair is defenceless against hot tools. This includes your hair dryer. Blow drying hair removes the surface moisture and strips hair of hydration. This results in cuticles becoming dry, rigid and brittle. Ideally the solution would be to not blow dry hair. Of course, this isn’t realistic for a lot of women. So a heat protector is crucial to your hair care routine. Additionally, use the lowest heat option on your dryer to minimize damage. Or work with your natural texture, which Amandla Stenberg does so wonderfully.

Amandla Stenberg



YES, washing your hair is damaging. Even just getting hair wet can lead to more breakage! So what’s to do? Wash your hair less. Dry shampoos are a heaven sent. It will keep hair looking clean, but without the damage. If you have to wash daily, use a mild shampoo. Choose yours by avoiding products that are labelled as ‘deep cleansing’ or ‘clarifying’. When washing focus on the roots (this is where hair is oilier).

A tip for the hair you want: choose products for the hair you want, not the hair you have. Want brightness? Use a blonde specific shampoo that enhances colour without getting a dye job. Also invest in products that will keep your colour for a longer period of time and maintain it. Colour saving conditioners are great for this. They will keep colour intact and soften, nourish and detangle hair at the same time.Rita Ora Hair


DO not style your hair in exactly the same way every day. When repeat styling, there’s a chance that hair might break or damage in other ways. For example, vary your ponytail’s position from day to day: low, like Kelly Rowland or high, like Kylie Jenner or opt for a bun (a la Ariana Grande) or a topknot which is just as easy as a pony. The options are endless. Also, use gentle hairbands that won’t break hair.

Kelly Rowland


Kendall Jenner


Ariana Grande


SQUEEZE-dry hair, do not towel dry. Towels can damage hair. When hair is wet it’s more prone to damage, so rubbing hair with a towel can rip the cuticle (which is the outer layer of the hair), causing frizz and potential breakage. Squeeze water out instead of rubbing with a towel. Repair damage with a strengthening and protecting product. It is also a good idea to go for regular trims.


THIS one is straight from Gigi Hadid’s mane man, Kenna, who says that a little mess goes a long way. ‘Perfect hair to me is ‘lived in,’ so after you wash and blow-dry and do whatever styling you do, use the cold button on your hairdryer and blast some cold air through your hair to break it up and create a few imperfections.”

Gigi Hadid

INVEST in a hair mask for use once a week. Hair masks target your hair problem areas that shampoo and conditioner sometimes can’t fix. Even if your hair is relatively healthy, the change of seasons (be it winter winds or the summer sun) can be hard on your hair. It’s good to get in the habit of using a mask weekly to make sure you’re giving your hair the attention it needs.