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Hair And Make-up That Will Dominate 2020

2019 saw hard to grow out baby bangs, bizarre eyebrow shapes and unicorn everything. Looking back, it’s enough to make up face palm. We're...

Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Rooibos’ Unique Anti-Aging Potential

The number of scientific papers published investigating the health benefits of Rooibos have increased substantially over the past decade.

Glow Getter

YOU know that lit-from within glow skin has after a cardio session? Here’s how to get it 24/7. When dead skin piles up, light...

Sweat In Style

STICK to your New Year's resolutions and look good while doing it. RESOLUTIONS for the new year often include putting in effort to get the...

Party Palettes

SO your holiday hair has been sorted. How ‘bout a colourful eye to compliment the season too? Boring has no place when you’re getting...

Feelin’ Festive

SPREAD some festive season cheer with hair fit for holidays and beyond. WITH all of the cooking, eating and partying you have to do this holiday,...

Travel Ready Beauty Products

MUST have products for your holiday getaway. WE all have a set beauty routine with specifically tried and tested products that we follow to the...

Trend To Try: Sunset Shadow

THE beaming colour isn't just reserved for beach days and happy hour.

Korean Beauty Kraze

BEAUTY products you can find right here in South Africa to get you started on your K-Beauty journey.

5 Fun Facts About Dr Fatima Bhabha

As a co-founder of Beauty & Curves - a women’s wellness, travel clinic, and aesthetics - Dr. Fatima Bhabha has been a thought leader...

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