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Beauty On The Go – Easy, No-Melt Makeup

FOR beauty fanatics that also love to be active and on the go, it may be challenging to go to the gym completely bare-faced. Wearing as little makeup as possible (or none at all) is great for skin, but every once in awhile a little pick-me-up is needed, even at the gym. The trick is finding the right products and formulas, so they don’t smudge or run when it’s time to break out a sweat. Here are six products that will enhance natural beauty for an easy, no-melt makeup routine to get in shape with and look totally gorgeous while doing it

Waterproof Mascara
On the eyes, definition is most important. To achieve definition, curl lashes with a lash curler, and apply a waterproof mascara from the base of lashes to the tip. The application doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to avoid any clumping. For light-colored eyelashes, applying mascara is especially important, because without noticeable lashes, eyes can appear smaller and less defined. For those blessed with naturally dark lashes, mascara isn’t a necessity, but does make you feel better in a second.If you already have a mascara that you love and don’t want to part with it, get a waterproof top coat. This will make all mascaras water (and sweat) friendly!

Our Pick: Raincoat Water Resistant Mascara: R99, Yardley

Brow Gel
If you have thick, unruly eyebrows, use a clear brow gel. Preferably one that is waterproof for maximum staying power. Just comb eyebrows into place and run a coat through the brows to smooth the natural shape. Also, it can be used as a clear mascara to naturally define your lashes without having to worry about black smudging, which is a plus when working out.

Our Pick:Lash and Brow Gel: R44.95, Essence

Long Lasting Foundation
When you’re at the gym, skin is an extremely important part of a workout. The body’s natural cooling systems open pores for sweat. So caking on a layer of heavy foundation and concealer will only clog pores, which causes breakouts. A light moisturizer is ideal. Those who are not comfortable with going bare-faced, can apply a long lasting, lightweight foundation all over the face.

Our Pick: Lasting Finish Foundation: R169.95, Rimmel

Tip: Mix foundation with your moisturizer for a more lightweight feel.

For better coverage, apply a bronzer on the temples and the hollows of the cheekbones. Use this over moisturizer and foundation for a bronze glow. It only takes a second to apply and leaves you with a sun-kissed, healthy look. Liquid bronzers are more likely to go unnoticed, especially when paired with the right foundation, which is ideal for the gym. Plus, it is not just for the face. You can use this bronzer all over your body for a healthy-looking temporary tan. Blush isn’t necessary, because working out will provide a natural rosy flush to the cheeks.

Our Pick: Bronzing Powder: R695, By Dr Hauschka, Woolworths

Makeup Remover
Makeup remover is essential for removing the difficult-to-wash waterproof products post workout. The best way to fight a sweat-induced breakout is to remove makeup from your face before exercising and again after. It’s not the sweat that will clog your pores, but makeup and grime. Don’t let your workout routine interfere with having clear skin. Cleansing wipes can conveniently be stashed in your gym bag for a quick fix.

Our Pick: Eye and Face Make-up Cleansing Wipes: R32.95 By Cettua, Clicks

Roll On

This is an absolute must for your gym bag. Designed to control body odor and sweating, this is a no brainer for any workout session. Antiperspirants and deodorants contain a number of ingredients to minimise sweating and helps with feeling fresh, cool and smelling good. Don’t be afraid of trying a roll on meant for the boys, because they are sometimes stronger than those designed for girls. If you are using hair removal products or have sensitive underarms after shaving, get a product that is formulated for sensitive skin to soothe the area.

Our Pick: Invisible Black And White Roll On: R21.95, Nivea

Now that you have the beauty secrets for hitting the gym, don’t forget a hair band, iPod and water bottle.



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