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Be The Belle Of The Ball This New Year’s

IF you want to be the belle of the ball with all eyes on you this New Year’s Eve, we’ve got you covered. Glam and glowing is very in for the New Year so make sure your complexion looks fresh, your body bangin’ and make-up on fleek.

Sleeping Beauty

THE night before a big event, a beauty routine is essential if you want to look your very best. Things like a mani and pedi are obvious, but we often forget to give our skin some extra TLC. Pamper your skin, so you can look and feel like a million bucks.

Miranda Kerr

MAKE-UP is only as good as the canvas. This means: take care of your skin! Especially before a big night out, apply a mask to brighten, hydrate and smooth. After that, exfoliate with a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells. Moisturise with night cream – or a serum for something that packs more punch. Finish your bedtime routine with a refreshing eye cream.

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Snooze To Sexy Hair

SCORE prettier hair while you snooze. The right sleeping habits can give your beauty a much deserved boost, like keeping dark circles away. But did you know that you can actually get beautiful hair while catching zees?

  1. Make sure your hair is dry before bed. Wet hair can lead to splits and breakage.
  2. Extend the life of your hairstyle and keep damage at bay by sleeping on a silk pillowcase.
  3. Apply a leave-in treatment before sleeping to have moisture soak in even more for super hydrated and smooth hair in the morning.

Freshen Up

JUST before slipping on your glamorous New Year’s outfit, it’s bath time. Treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath before starting hair and make-up. Or use bath oils that refresh and relax, but don’t get too sleepy! Light a candle, indulge in a moisturising body wash and relax with a soothing eye mask. We are drifting into a lull just thinking about it!

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TIP: APPLY moisturiser, preferably scented, to help feel pampered.  Moisturiser will help make the make-up stay better throughout the night.

Body Confidence

THESE body party preppers promise to have you feeling body confident and ready to flaunt it in no time!

Detox Body Treatment Spray: R650, Filorga, Moisture Boost Body Treatment: R615, Vita Liberata And Boob Tube Multi-Action Bust Firmer: R850, Mio



I am Beauty Editor at People Magazine and a make-up artist. I have worked with many celebrities, including, Phumeza Mdaba, Boity, Zuraida Jardine and Rolene Strauss. I always knew I would work in magazines, as I grew up in publishing (my parents are publishers). When I’m not writing beauty or following my passion for make-up, I can be found reading and spending time with family and friends. I am also a tea-lover

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