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Bad Hair Day Dos

SOME days you wake up and just know that bad hair is unavoidable. Even if this makes you want to rip your hair out, just remember there are plenty of tips, tricks and hacks to help cover up hair problems.  Find out how to stop bad hair days getting on your nerves.

Split Ends

The only way to really get rid of split ends is with a good cut, but what if your appointment is still weeks away? You can then temporarily seal them with a serum. Don’t cancel your cut though, trimming hair on a regular basis is great way to keep hair in tip top shape.

Silicone Smoothing Serum: R130, Hannon 

Horrible Humidity

When humidity strikes, a light coating of hair oil can work wonders. It will coat the strands of your hair and help to seal in natural moisture and prevent dampness from interfering. But use it sparingly, too much oil and your hair will feel heavy and lifeless.

Weightless Healing Dry Oil: R 169.99,OGX

Bad Roots

Attack your bad hair day with this super simple manoeuvre: changing your part. The worst thing you can do is comb it in a straight parting, which will leave roots lying flat against your head and even more dull. If you normally part your hair on one side, you may find the other side has more volume, or a better shape to work with.

Oily Hair

Obviously, dry shampoo is a bad hair day’s best friend. But what if hair is super oily? Help! Our tip: simply embrace it! The wet look is totally fashionable now.

Overgrown Fringe

Who knows why the fringe grows so much faster than the rest of the hair? It feels like just yesterday that you had it cut. Unless you have a steady hand, trimming a fringe can be dangerous. Try sweeping your fringe over your forehead and set it with hairspray. It looks just as good as a blunt fringe.


Silhouette Brilliance Strong Hold Hairspray (300ml): R256, Schwarzkopf

Singed Locks

Heat styling can leave hair with singed ends. Luckily, it’s easily sorted if you know how. Section by section twist hair into a coil, then trim any strands that are sticking out with a pair of hair scissors. Don’t ruin your layers by cutting too much though.


Colour Overload

Over dyeing hair can leave the ends of hair dry and weak. The best way to fix this is by adding moisture and protein. This can be done by rotating between hydrating masks and protein treatments.

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An unsightly problem like regrowth can be easily disguised with the help of tons of new products on the market. No need to wait for your next hair colour appointment. We love Hair Veil: (R225) by FHI Heat. This powder hair filler extends the life of colour treated hair and is totally fade proof.



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