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Back To School Outfits

It’s back to school season and for many, you may be entering your first year at a new school, college or university. First day of school, you have to make a good impression, and for those returning for the next year, well you need to look your best for school or for any event. Whether its career day, sports day or any other event you probably need a fun, playful and stylish outfit that you wouldn’t want to repeat but can still wear it in different and fresh ways. Have a look at these looks that will not only turn heads but make you a fashion leader.



Tip: What’s great about flared high waist pants is that you don’t only have to pair it with heels but you can give it a sports luxe twist with sneakers.Gold Choker x3: R169, Cotton On

Tie Dye Top: R299, Factorie

White Pin Stripe Pants: R999, Top Shop

Bag: R899, Accessorize

Blue Suede Mules: R2200, Castelo



Tip: Walking up and down to classes can be a strain to your feet, so opt for block heels as those are not only comfortable but you can find really trendy and stylish styles.Silver Necklace: Stylist Own

Silver Bib Necklace: Stylist Own

White T- Shirt: R149, Factorie

Lace Crop Top: R499, Sissy Boy

Silver Cuff: Stylist Own

Black Denim Skirt: R299, Factorie

Green Strappy Heels: R2290, Europa Art


Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Castelo: (011) 883-5212

Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Factorie: 011 476 2003

Cotton On: (011) 883-5354

Top Shop: 011 447 6213

Sissy Boy: 011 447 6213

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Fashion Editor I am a stylist and have worked with many celebrities. Magazines are a great platform to inform people on styling and fashion trends. Fashion gives freedom to people and allows them to be who they want to be. I loves to help readers to look as stylish as they can be, regardless of their body type, skin colour etc. It’s a great feeling to have knowing, that in helping someone choose an outfit, you’re also helping them feel more confident. When I'm not busy being a fashion editor I can be found designing and drawing.

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