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Back to School Trends To Wear As An Adult

By: Suzy Mukendi

It’s that time of the year again guys when It’s time to get ready to go back to school! I know how time went by so fast, just the other day most of you were probably relaxing by the beach and others catching up on some sleep and making the most of the holiday. So now that it’s back to reality, it’s time to get back to the everyday grind of study and classes. As you know in South Africa, most schools wear uniforms and unfortunately, you have to wait till there’s a function at school to show off your fashion game. For those at schools that don’t have to wear uniforms, you are in luck cause you get to show off stylish looks everyday even though it might have its downside which is looking for the outfit for school every day, which can be daunting. Try these tips out which will help in getting your back to school style sorted.


Ok, we have to be honest, but clothing that kids are wearing now are much trendier now than back then. We have to admit that we love everything we’ve seen, from preppy plaid skirts to varsity sweaters and brogues. Believe it or not but some of these styles can work as an outfit for adults too, which is why we decided to show you different looks on how to wear these school appropriate styles as an adult.

Jumpsuit: R799, Bay One

Red Jersey: R699, Mango


Moon Bag: R592, Bay One


Patent Brogues: R592, Next


Baker Boy hat: R385, Bay One



Pin Stripe Blazer: R1299, Forever New


Leopard Print Loafers: R1199, Mango


Faux Fur Backpack: R245, Next

Pink Sweater: R449, Mango



Mango: 011 783 7907


Forever New:

Bay One:


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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

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