Autumn ’16 Trends


THESE looks have stood the test of time – so much so that we often wonder if they are trends at all because of their prevalence over so many seasons. Some of these trends can work for an everyday look, while some, like velvet and patent leather coats, are simply amazing and add runway appeal and ‘in’ doses to your look.



crossstoilesFur Stoles

IF you’re looking for a garment that’s going to protect you from the chill, then look no further, as fur stoles are items to invest in. You get different styles and lengths that blend with your look perfectly and that makes a bold statement.



Patent Leather Coat

PATENT leather coats reminds us of the ‘80s and ‘90s.Patent adds a chic flare to any look and is the finishing touch to a showstopper ensemble. Remember, don’t wear too much! Wear one item at a time and you won’t have a childish look.




WE all know how classic and sophisticated velvet is. The best way to wear velvet and get the most of it, especially if you’ve never tried the trend, is by mixing velvet with non-trendy items like your basic clothing. Try it!

Dress: R999, Queenspark

Boots: by CM Pairs, Zando



hmStatement Furs

THIS is  a ‘look at me’ item  that we absolutely love! You could be walking out the house in the most plain and simple outfit, but by throwing on a faux fur coat, you instantly have a complete and up-to-the-minute look.

Faux Fur Coat: H&M




Zando: 0861 192 636

H&M: (011) 592-3200

Queenspark: (011) 447 6355