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Aseema Kazi Shares, Eight Dream Tiara’s To Wear On Your Wedding Day.

Aseema Kazi , Director and Founder of The Style Factor  shows you how to get the Wow Factor at your wedding with the help of Tiara’s. Unless you’re a princess this is your only “tiara time” and probably the only time in your adult life where you can get away with wearing a tiara. Your wedding day should make you feeling nothing short of a princess.


Face Shape

For a longer face, avoid a tiara with a peak as it will only make your face look longer. If you have a fuller face, consider wearing a V-Shaped tiara as it will create the illusion of a longer face.Brides with an oval face can wear tiaras with forehead features or a headband that will lessen the oval shape of their face. A tall tiara will suit an angular face, whilst a small tiara will suit a flatter a longer face.


Hair Style

If you’re planning an up style then putting an elaborate style tiara is a perfect choice.If you plan on wearing your hair down and flowing then a dainty tiara will definitely complement your hairstyle.The best approach is to try on as many as possible.


Wedding Dress Style

The style of your wedding dress will determine the type of tiara that will suit the overall look. For example if you are going for a classic princess style dress then you can consider the elegant princess styled tiaras.If your dress is more on the modern side then you should opt for a more trendy designed tiara.

Although each looks needs to be dazzling one must remember that it should complement the total appearance of the bride. A tiara should not also draw attention away from your face but instead enhance the beauty of the bride on her special day.

Some may also find wearing a tiara to be too traditional, “bridey” and clichéd. This is where one can take a modern approach by opting for the more cutting edge, trendy, 21st century styled tiaras such as the ones in the pics.
Unlike pageant crowns, your wedding day tiara needs to be an incredible, wearable art that will make you shine.The final is step after choosing your tiara is to try it on and get the feel of wearing it. It must be sturdy and not feel heavy on the head as the most important thing is for the bride to feel comfortable throughout her event.



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