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All In Line

Clothing inspired by back to school clothing trends have been on the rise for a while now and at first we all thought, why would we want to wear clothing that look like school uniform? Nobody wants to be reminded by the old school days but once we saw how brands and designers were revamping the trend, we were sold! Our main attention goes to stripes as this item has been dominates all over from runway shoes to celebrities. You can easily call stripes your best friend as not only does it compliment your figure but it creates interesting outfits. Have a look at why we love this trend soo much!


Tip: If you want to wear stripes in a form fitting style then go for thin stripes as those will look more flattering.Earrings: R199, Accessorize
Red and White Pencil Stripe Dress Shirt: R529 , H&M
R599, Accessorize
         Black and White Pencil Stripe Pants: R, H&M
         Shoes: R 3 390, Europa Art


 Earrings: R425, Jangi
         Yellow and White Stripe Crop Top: R299, Foschini
         Yellow and White Stripe Skirt: R350, Foschini
         Shoes: R 2990, Europa Art


Jangi: (063) 681 0687

Europa Art: (011) 883 5354

Accessorize: (011) 884 4644

H&M: 0860 690707

Foschini: (011) 685 1400

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Fashion Editor I am a stylist and have worked with many celebrities. Magazines are a great platform to inform people on styling and fashion trends. Fashion gives freedom to people and allows them to be who they want to be. I loves to help readers to look as stylish as they can be, regardless of their body type, skin colour etc. It’s a great feeling to have knowing, that in helping someone choose an outfit, you’re also helping them feel more confident. When I'm not busy being a fashion editor I can be found designing and drawing.

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