6 Things You Can Wear To Look Younger

Some people turn to cosmetics or surgery to look younger, but what they don’t realise is that looking youthful doesn’t require such drastic measures – you can always turn to clothes to help you with that! The trick to looking young is adding one fashionable piece to a classic outfit – it’s that simple! Have a look at these fashionable pieces that’ll be sure to revamp you and your look.


Ankle boots – especially ones that are a few inches above your ankle and have an interesting detail – are perfect for making your outfit look younger.


Pair a black sweater with skinny jeans or leather pants to achieve an easy, flattering and youthful feel to your outfit.


A chic blazer is perfect to be worn with a dress or formal pants. Try stick to leather or if not, try a blazer that has strong shoulders or a trendy cut.



Delicate jewellery looks young and not like you’re trying too hard.



The best fabric for all body types is stretchy material – the stretch makes it flattering. Make sure when you buy a pair that they sit either at the ankle or cover your shoe, with the toe cap peaking out beneath.

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