5 Wardrobe Pieces You Should Own By 30

OBVIOUSLY this isn’t a proven fact, but it certainly does seem like 30 seems to be the age when people don’t pay as much attention to their fashion as they should. Sure, some will always look trendy and fashionable, as if they just stepped right off the runway to take the world by storm. Others, however, seem to let their wardrobe fall apart in the fashion department, ignoring the items they wore in their 20s. Well know that you can wear anything your heart desires! Forget your age! It’s all about learning knowing your body and what fits and what doesn’t. Here, present you with five pieces you have to have at 30!


Boyfriend jeans are wardrobe staples, and are the type of item that you can take from ‘casual’ to ‘a night out’ by adding hot heels and a statement top. Plus, they’re super comfortable!



Over-the-knee boots instantly give any outfit a touch of the sexy and the feminine, and work for those who love heels and those who don’t. If you’re a bit scared of looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, throw on some leggings with a stylish coat and – voilà! Stylish and appropriate!


A stripe shirt is classic and works with just about anything in your wardrobe – and for any occasion. It’s a versatile and timeless piece that every woman should own.


White sneakers are taking the fashion world by storm from late. They’re one of the only styles of sneakers that don’t look like you’re going to the gym when you want to try go for a sports luxe look. These babies go with everything – from dresses to pants.


Wrap coats may not be an obvious choice, but trust us – they have trans-formative powers. These coats can instantly put together and provide the finishing touch to an outfit.

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Suzy Mukendi
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