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3D Alert!! Holographic Trend!

We’ll be the first to admit that we are obsessed with this holographic trend! It’s everything we love and more. We love lots of shine in a look and can’t get enough of this 3D vibe. From sequin, metallic, sparkle and glitter, we love it all and will never get over it! This style is huge at the moment and brands and designers are coming up with new ways to wear this trend.Sunglasses: R84, NextRain Boots: R139, NextTeardrop Earrings: R140, Bay OneMulti circle Earrings: R147,Bay OneMoon Bag: R224, NextSneakers: R403, NextBackpack: R447,NextSilver Backpack: R999, AccessorizeSneakers: POR, Topshop


Zando: 0861 192 636

Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Woolworths: (011) 290-1011

Next Direct: www.nextdirect.com

Bay One: www.bay.one

Top Shop: 011 447 6213




Fashion Editor I am a stylist and have worked with many celebrities. Magazines are a great platform to inform people on styling and fashion trends. Fashion gives freedom to people and allows them to be who they want to be. I loves to help readers to look as stylish as they can be, regardless of their body type, skin colour etc. It’s a great feeling to have knowing, that in helping someone choose an outfit, you’re also helping them feel more confident. When I'm not busy being a fashion editor I can be found designing and drawing.

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