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2018 Matric Trends

MATRIC dances is a big event for every girl, even if you’re a tomboy. It’s an occasion where you can dress your best and just have fun! The style you choose to go for will be remembered for the rest of your life. So it’s important that whatever you choose, you choose carefully and you won’t end up regretting it year later. The main thing to remember when planning your look for your big night is to make sure that it’s comfortable. They are many styles you can wear that look runway ready but are still comfortable. You have to be able to dance the night away for several hours while looking incredible! Have a look at these fashion trends that will be sure to make you the belle of the ball.



Metallic and embellishments will always be a trend and no one can say that they don’t like a bit of bling in their outfits. They are fashionable and are the hottest choice of the year for matric dance. What we also love about it, it makes such a big statement that you don’t need to go crazy with accessories to stand out. It’s also very versatile and works with any hairstyle and makeup.Gold Hooped Earrings: POR, Tessa Design

Gold Collar Necklace: R455, Jungi

Electric Blue Dress With Gold Embellishment: R5800, By Viola Chan, Bride & Co

Gold Cuff: R240, Tessa Design

Gold Heels: R1750, Castelo



Ball Gowns will forever be a trend for anything from wedding to matric dances. The perfect style for that grand entrance of your dreams in a romantic ball gown dress. It fulfils the dreams of walking into a room and feeling like a princess. And when twirling across the dance floor you will feel like royalty.Black Tassel Earrings: R120, Tessa Design

Multi Coloured Embellished Dress: R5800, By Voila Chan, Bride & Co

Velvet Choker Worn As a Belt: R160, Tessa Design




Show skin without being too dramatic and inappropriate by going with a style in a neutral hue or a style that has dramatic detailing at the back. These two ways are the best way to show skin in a sophisticated way.Emerald Earrings: R199, Tessa Design

Silver Sequin Dress: R5800, By Viola Chan, Bride & Co

Silver Heels: R2490, Europa Art



Short girls, dresses with spaghetti straps are perfect for you! And if it’s a dream to wear a floor length gown make sure that it’s sleek and figure hugging and avoid the reams of fabric that will only make you lost in the dress.Flower Drop Earrings: R299, Accessorize

Nude Dress: R8999.99, JJ Schoeman

Diamante Bangle: R299, Accessorize

Rings: R699, Accessorize

Blush Heels: R2450, Castelo


Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Castelo: (011) 883-5212

Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Bride & Co: 011 807 4007

JJ Schoeman: (011) 447-5455

Jungi: 011 325 2225

Tessa Designs: (011) 268-0997




Fashion Editor I am a stylist and have worked with many celebrities. Magazines are a great platform to inform people on styling and fashion trends. Fashion gives freedom to people and allows them to be who they want to be. I loves to help readers to look as stylish as they can be, regardless of their body type, skin colour etc. It’s a great feeling to have knowing, that in helping someone choose an outfit, you’re also helping them feel more confident. When I'm not busy being a fashion editor I can be found designing and drawing.

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