19 Must-Have Beauty Products For 2019

THERE’S always an enticing new beauty product to try, but there are some beauty staples that stand the test of time. And it’s these that you should invest in. We present to you our list of 2019 must have beauty products – otherwise known as the only products you need on your vanity and in your bathroom this year.

  1. Genie In A Bottle

Lash Lash: R502, Lamelle

THERE are plenty of options to fake luscious lashes, from volumising and lengthening mascaras to tinting to false lashes. But let’s face it, none of these even come close to the real thing. If you want longer and fuller eyelashes, Lash Lash comes to the rescue! It supercharges your own natural eyelashes with an exclusive peptide complex which makes them grow longer, thicker and more curled. Apply Lash Lash to the root of upper and under eyelashes and leave it on overnight, so it works while you sleep (and doesn’t get in the way when you need to fake it with mascara in the morning – pretty soon you won’t need to!)

  1. Hair No More

Hair Removal System: From R910, Hairfree

IF you’re tired of shaving and other hair removal options and want smooth, hair-free skin, without the hassle and if laser is just too expensive or simply doesn’t work, give Hairfree a try. Hairfree is a new concept which gives you long-lasting hair removal – just like salon laser treatment! Do away with regular shaving, salon visits and painful treatments with an easy to use at-home hair removal.

Hairfree Hair Removal System is a topically applied hair removal cream with a difference. Most hair removal creams just get rid of surface hair. Hairfree dissolves hair above and below the surface of the skin. It is absorbed into the hair follicle and reacts with the matrix bulb of the hair root – the place where hair growth starts – to neutralise the hair root and stop hair growth. Each product in the Hairfree range is specifically formulated to target certain types of male and female facial and body hair and give you smooth, totally hairless skin.

  1. Oil About Skin

Kálice Multi-Functional Oil: R780, INOAR

RULING with 7 Precious vegetable oils for hair, face and body, Kálice is the ultimate all-in-one moisturiser for beautiful hair and skin. It’s is a premium multifunctional product with vitamin E and 7 precious vegetable oils for hair, body and face: Argan, Myrrh, Macadamia, Ojon, Sweet almonds, Jasmine and Rosemary. In one step, Kálice penetrates deeply, moisturising hair and skin with a mild and exclusive aroma.  The oil, is of such pure form, that it penetrates and absorbs immediately into the skin, acting as the perfect anti-ager, heat protector and moisturiser, leaving you with a glow from top to toe.

  1. Ace Of Base

Mineral Wear All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation SPF 50: R299.95, By Physicians Formula, Dis-Chem

MOST of you probably know the importance of applying sunscreen. And if you do, good job. But do you re-apply throughout the day? It’s understandable. Who wants to slather a layer of sunscreen on top of painstakingly applied foundation? It’s appalling. But very necessary. The solution is getting a foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer that contains sunscreen too. Physicians Formula’s weightless SPF 50 Cushion Foundation protects from UVA/UVB rays without giving you a sallow look so often associated with sunscreens. The revolutionary cushion foundation instantly corrects visible imperfections, blurs fine lines and pores with a perfected airbrushed finish.

  1. Heavy Metal

Liquid Matte Vinyl Metallic: R119.95, Yardley

IT’S the hottest trend for 2018: metallic lips! Picking up where the strobing trend left off, metallic lips are bold, vibrant and create a multi-dimensional lip finish. Yardley has taken the trend one step further by merging the staying power of a matte lipstick with the high wattage shine of metallics. Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl, has all the benefits of high impact colour and 24 hour wear, but with a glittery, jewel-like finish. Not sure if you are ready to fully commit to a chromed-out pout? Wear your favourite shade of lipstick and just add one of the four new metallic shades to the centre of your lips (both top & bottom) to create an ultra pouty look.

  1. A Work Of Arch

Brow Wax Strips (Set of Four): R120, By Andmetics, Takealot

IF you want to achieve all your goals in 2018, you’ll need all the time you can spare. Which means less time rushing off to the packed salon for a painful and often not quite perfect, brow wax. Get perfectly shaped brows in the comfort of your own home on your own time with Brow Wax Strips. They fit any brow shape and create the perfect arch providing a youthful optical lifting effect.  Simply apply, shape and pull off for perfect eyebrows. Troublesome hairs are removed at the root. But don’t worry, calming wipes help make the procedure more comfortable.

TIP: Waxing should be your hair removal method of choice if your goal is to grow out your brows. The myth about threading stimulating dormant hairs? Not true. Wax allows you to leave behind the hairs you need, and slowly coax them into a fuller shape within a few months as opposed to threading.

  1. Glam To Go

Superstar In A Jar: R450, Mama Mio

A million e-mails to respond to, dinner to make, errands to run and somehow you need to magically find the time to make a pit stop at the gym. So how can Superstar In A Jar help? Its repertoire includes: solving chapped lips woes, popping on elbows, knees, heels, hands – ANYWHERE  that needs moisture quick, taming wild brows with zero effort, controlling unruly, frizzy hair and even moisturising nails and cuticles. Whew! Perfect to just pop in your handbag for top-to-toe on-the-go beauty needs.

  1. Ready To Glow

Gleam Body Sealing Spray: R650, By Melanie Mills

You’ve got all the eyes on you, now it’s time to seal the deal! Gleam body sealing spray delivers a light, ultra-fine, botanically infused mist that provides ultimate transfer resistance with a lavender essence and matte finish. Apply Gleam Body Radiance and let it set.

Hair Removal System: R999, Hairfree

IF you’re tired of shaving and other hair removal options and want smooth, hair-free skin, without the hassle and if laser is just too expensive or simply doesn’t work, give Hairfree a try. Hairfree is a new concept which gives you long-lasting hair removal – just like salon laser treatment! Do away with regular shaving, salon visits and painful treatments with an easy to use at-home hair removal.

  1. What’s Ahead?

Initialiste Advanced Scalp And Hair Concentrate: R759, Kerastase

HAVE you always wished for perfectly perfect hair? Well, healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Initialiste is a skincare-inspired super serum that acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty: strength, shine, softness, substance. The serum is applied to the scalp and massaged directly into the root on cleansed, towel-dried hair. After one week hair texture improves and with continued usage, hair stays healthier from root to tip allowing it to grow longer with less breakage. The serum absorbs instantly without residue, leaving hair silky soft.

  1. Tan Yourself Skinny

Tan & Tone Oil: R399.95, Skinny Tan

ADDING a touch of golden colour to your body is a great way to warm up your skintone and hide imperfections like bruises, spider veins and any unevenness, like cellulite. With a great tan you can instantly look thinner! But which one should you choose. Skinny Tan’s name says it all. A hydrating self-tanning oil with skin smoothing and firming ingredients that also tans, tones and disguises cellulite in one. The oil glides on for an easy streak-free tan that also helps visibly reduce cellulite with every application. Natural green based tanning actives leaves skin smooth, moisturised and smelling delicious.

  1. The New Gel Mani

Epix Flexible Colour Range: R215 (Each), ORLY

GEL manicures have an oddly divided audience among beauty-lovers: some hail them as a conqueror of chipped polish, while others label them as the destroyer of nails. Gel’s long-lasting appeal is clear, but it’s the acetone soaking and filing removal process that causes nail drama. This professional 2-step hybrid gel system from Orly marries the shine and longevity of traditional gel, but eliminates the damage thanks to a formula that removes like regular polish. Less time soaking in acetone equals less damage and helps you get out the door that much faster, all without the use of a UV lamp.

  1. Battle Of The Bags

Hydra24+ Regard Glacon Reviving Eye Roll-On: R310, Payot

WHEN you wake up with tired eyes, it’s not easy to pretend that last night never happened. Late nights, too much screen time or crying can all lead to puffy eyes the morning after. But the cold metal roller ball in this de-puffing treat gives a refreshing mini massage as you apply. Hydra24+ Reviving Eye Roll-On moisturises, protects and refreshes while smoothing the delicate eye contour resulting in brighter looking eyes. It’s the perfect peeper pleaser!

  1. The Naked Truth

Naked Shower Gel: R165 (Each), LUSH

DON’T worry, we know exactly what you’re thinking: naked shower gel… Isn’t that just soap? Nope. Naked shower gels work in exactly the same way as their liquid counterparts, but don’t contain any soap base. Instead, they contain most of the same ingredients as their packaged versions with only a few extras. The ingredient that makes them solid is sodium stearate, which thickens and helps harden the mix. Propylene glycol helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin, reduce bacteria growth and make the naked shower gels self-preserving. Environmentally friendly, it also makes your shower gels easier to use and it is more convenient to travel with. Now that’s something worth getting naked for.

  1. All That Glitters

Glitter Pigments: R370, Bodyography

BY now, you’ve probably seen the glitter challenge all over YouTube, where people cover their faces with sparkly pigments. While not everyone will be on board with this look, you can still rock the glitter trend in a more subtle manner. It works great on eyes to brighten, on lips to add a wow factor and on the temples for amped up highligting. These very pigmented glitter pigments allow you to apply glitter anywhere you want from your eyes to your lips and sparingly on your face for the perfect controlled glittery look.

  1. Pass The Bubbly

Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask: R52.99, Skin Republic

FACE masks have taken over Instagram like a boss. And the newest contributor is the bubble face mask. But could it only be a gimmick? Bubble face masks tread the line between hilarious and skin’s saving grace. Scientists at the Skin Republic Skin Laboratory have combined the purifying attributes of charcoal with millions of microbubbles that work deep within pores to clean out dirt and impurities, while fruit acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells helping even out skintone for a fresh and luminous complexion. It ensures that bubble face masks won’t be a trend that will be quietly forgotten. Now go take your face mask sefie!

  1. The Great Hydrator

Nourish & Moisture Coconut Milk Conditioner: R199, MAUI Moisture, Clicks

STARTING with a unique blend containing aloe vera juice, Maui Moisture’s Coconut Milk Conditioner is infused with pure coconut water, instead of deionized water like other conditioners. The weightlessness of coconut water infuses the light and creamy conditioner along with sheer guava oil and mango butter. The blend can be used daily without the fear of build-up. The results? Moisturized strands, mended split ends and a healthy glow and shine with every use.

  1. Meet The Gemstones

Dream Catcher Palette In Golden Horizons:  R224.95, NYX

COLOURFUL eyeshadow is in, especially jewel tones. And we predict that shades of ruby, sapphire and amethyst will be brushed on the lids of celebs at this year’s award shows. While you may only want to reach for these rich tones when autumn comes around, we suggest giving them a whirl on your peepers right now. The Dream Catcher Palette brings you a selection of 10 shimmery eyeshadow shades that have been expertly coordinated to deliver a range of on-trend eye looks.It comes with a secret mirror and applicator compartment on the bottom for easy touch ups before after work drinks with the girls. are highly pigmented and easy to blend

  1. Browdly Presents

Eyebrow Enhancing Serum: R999, Rapidbrow

NOTHING frames a pair of peepers better than perfectly shaped brows. Microneedling was the must-do beauty treatment of 2017, but why not perfect your own brows in 2018? RapidBrow is a high performance eyebrow enhancing serum formulated with a distinct Hexatei two complex and clinically proven to improve the appearance of eyebrow density with a simple twice a day application. In as little as 60 days RapidBrow offers up to 108% improvement in the appearance of eyebrow density. No more weak, uneven or sparse brows. Yay!

  1. Smart Shade

Skintone Matching Makeup: R63.95, Almay

Almay’s Anti-Aging Skintone Matching Makeup is a specially formulated foundation that can instantly alter to the shade best suited for your skin tone. Comes with broad spectrum SPF20 sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.



I am Beauty Editor at People Magazine and a make-up artist. I have worked with many celebrities, including, Phumeza Mdaba, Boity, Zuraida Jardine and Rolene Strauss. I always knew I would work in magazines, as I grew up in publishing (my parents are publishers). When I’m not writing beauty or following my passion for make-up, I can be found reading and spending time with family and friends. I am also a tea-lover