101 Beauty Quick Fixes Part 3

by Carli Prinsloo

In the world of beauty, there are endless quick tips and rules to keep you looking fabulous. But a new look doesn’t always have to mean making a drastic change, spending the day in a colorist’s chair or forking out plenty of dough. These easy little tweaks will help you brighten and renew your look to get that “whose-that-girl” reaction from everyone. Here’s part three of our list.

  • Tap a small amount of glitter pigment on the center of your eyelid after applying your shadow for a pretty sparkle that will catch the light.
  • Upgrade your ponytail: Tease your hair at the crown before pulling it up.

  • Upgrade your bun: Braid your hair before twisting it into a chic chignon.
  • Upgrade your braid: Weave a printed hair scarf into your plait.
  • For a bold nighttime look, use a brow powder that’s a shade darker than you typically wear. Strong brows are in!

  • Try a coloured gloss or lacquer in a cream formula. Shiny, vinyl lips make a major impact.

Liptensity Lipstick: R315, MAC Cosmetics

  • Lighten up: Pair inky liner along your top lash line with a pale, metallic rose gold or champagne line along your lower lashes.
  • Wait, you’re not using a lash curler? Try it! A little crimp opens up the eye, even without mascara.
  • Swap black eyeliner for navy to bring out blue eyes.
  • Try purple liner to make green or hazel eyes pop

  • Add a touch of illuminating highlighter on the Cupid’s bow of your upper lip to make your lip colour pop.
  • After you finish your make-up, mist your face with a mineral water spray to help makeup last longer.

Thermal Water: R160, Avene

  • To tame flyaways, mist a clean mascara wand or brush with hairspray and brush over unruly pieces.

Hair Lacquer: R260, MUK

  • Make lips look plumper by dabbing clear gloss in the center of the bottom lip only for a three-dimensional effect.
  • DIY your own lip plumping product by mixing lip balm with cinnamon oil and cayenne, which will cause lips to swell.
  • In the shower, let your conditioner soak into your hair for an extra minute while you shave or exfoliate.
  • Channel Twiggy, the modern way, with this trick from Jake Bailey, Emmy Rossum’s make-up artist: “Using a small angled brush and cream eye liner, I painted little lashes in between her real lower lashes to create that false lash effect.”

  • Fake high cheekbones by applying highlighter along the tops of your cheeks. Contour the hollows with matte powder bronzer.
  • Try a purple-tinted primer to hide a sallow complexion.


Lavender Concealer Wand: R120, NYX

  • A primer with a green tint will help tone down redness.

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