101 Beauty Quick Fixes Part 2

In the world of beauty, there are endless tips, fixes and rules to keep you looking fabulous. But a new look doesn’t always have to mean making a drastic change, spending the day in a colorist’s chair or forking out plenty of dough. These beauty tips will help you to reinvent yourself and get pretty from head to toe and get that “whose-that-girl” reaction from everyone. Here’s part two of our list.

  • Lining the inner rim of the eye is a great way to add instant fierceness! Just make sure to use an eye liner that is waterproof.
  • Didn’t get enough sleep? If you have a deeper skin tone, neutralize purplish under eye circles with orange concealer. When topped with concealer in the same shade as the skin tone, the area will look bright and flawless. Fairer complexions should opt for a peach-toned concealer.

Cover & Correct Under Eye Concealer: R550, Bodyography

  • Use an eye shadow brush to coat your eyelashes with translucent face powder, then apply mascara on top. The powder helps to bulk up lashes for instant volume.
  • Mix two blush shades instead of just one. Layer two blush colours — a natural blush and a bright blush — this helps blush last longer, because it fades throughout the day.
  • Or try mixing blush with bronzer to define sexy cheekbones. Apply bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks and bright blush on the apples.
  • Brown eyes can wear any hue, so go bold with a bright teal or jungle green.

Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Urban Green: R69.95, Rimmel

  • Try red blush instead of pink. Red might look scary in the compact, but a sheer swipe on skin creates a pretty flush.

  • Soften a stiff updo by roughing up the surface with a clean kabuki brush. A softer texture is more modern and youthful.
  • To revive your foundation after a long day, press a makeup sponge over your face, blending any areas that look caked.
  • For brighter-looking teeth crunch on a celery stick. This also has the added bonus of being good for overall oral health.
  • Choose lipstick with blue undertones to fake a brighter smile.
  • Mix a few drops of liquid illuminator with your foundation or BB cream to give your complexion a pretty sheen.

  • Speaking of BB cream, try applying it with a brush instead of your fingers for a lighter, more blended effect.

Foundation Brush: R105, UBU

  • To downplay lines around the mouth and nose, stroke a highlighter pen along the nasal lines and blend.
  • Sweep a shimmery eye shadow that’s a few shades lighter than your skin over your eyelids to brighten up for daytime.

  • 1-minute hairstyle idea: Make a deep side part in wet hair, then twist into a bun and smooth with a Frizz hair treatment before pinning a flower behind your ear. The side part and flower makes for a glamorous look.
  • When penciling in your brows, extend the tail end so it’s higher or at the same level as where the brow begins (never lower, which brings down your features). This gives you an Instant facelift.
  • Line the inner rims of your eyelids with white or pale eye liner to make eyes instantly look brighter and more awake.
  • Line the inner rim of your upper lid with black or chocolate brown liner to make lashes look thicker.
  • Switch powder blush for a cream formula to get a lit-from-within glow.


I am Beauty Editor at People Magazine and a make-up artist. I have worked with many celebrities, including, Phumeza Mdaba, Boity, Zuraida Jardine and Rolene Strauss. I always knew I would work in magazines, as I grew up in publishing (my parents are publishers). When I’m not writing beauty or following my passion for make-up, I can be found reading and spending time with family and friends. I am also a tea-lover