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10 Ways To Make Denim Jumpsuits Work For You

Article By:  Bernita Marais

Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a statement style.  It’s a one-piece design that creates a look beyond a simple dress or pants and top combo and is great for keeping your look effortless.  So, why then, do many women still avoid this trend-worthy style? This isn’t the easiest piece of clothing to pull off, much like dresses; jumpsuits come in various styles.  Keep it sleek and simple by letting your outfit structure make a statement depending on design, creative pockets or boxy silhouettes.  Jumpsuits are better kept neat and sleek; add some texture with bags and clutches that are embossed, embellished, sequins or suede.  Opt for brightly coloured sling bags that create bold contrasts, printed bags and clutches will add flair to your classy and sophisticated attire.

Whether it’s worn for an afternoon picnic in the park or a night out with friends, the jumpsuit has endless possibilities, so let the creativity flow and tweak other styles to create a new look. Give your leggings and tights a little “vacay” over the coming months and read on for styling tricks on wearing a denim jumpsuit and making it work for you.

When finding the right jumpsuit, like a dress, they come in a range of styles so it is crucial to find the right one for you.  Don’t fear – just because one style of jumpsuit doesn’t accommodate your height, waist or shape, it doesn’t mean your perfect match isn’t out there.  Keep looking, and you will find it.

To create a daytime-chic look, pair your jumpsuit with shiny pumps and a funky clutch.  Wearing a jumpsuit may make coordinating an outfit a much easier task that some other garments but still requires a bit of thought.  Plan your outfit – you still need to think about how to accessorise. While being a statement style, jumpsuits can look plain without something to create a focus point.  Pay as much attention as possible to shoes, belts and jewellery.  This statement piece demands accessories to help it shine, so choose well.

Jewellery creates a focus point on your outfit, taking your jumpsuit to the next level.  Choose pieces that are chunky and large.  Gold works well with formal jumpsuit styles while a pop of colour can add fun to a more relaxed casual style.


Define your waist by swopping the cloth belt on the jumpsuit with a colourful skinny belt that will add some femininity to the look and give you some curves.  Belts are the go-to, but if you feel more daring try a lightweight jacket or shirt around the waist as this will be an added benefit when it starts getting cooler around evening times.



Accessories aren’t the only way to liven up a jumpsuit. Add a layer by pairing a white t-shit underneath before moving to more fashionable pieces like off-the-shoulder or over-sized jackets for cooler evenings.


Cardigans are a great way to make your outfit look more casual, remove jewellery and swop the heels for flats then roll up the pants, finish the look by adding a slouchy cardigan and a big bag.

Mix things up by adding bold colours to the outfit.  There is no more direct correlation between shades of pastel, add a mixture of mustard and burgundy for added surprise – just have fun!


Adding a jacket to your jumpsuit is another easy way to dress it up. Keep in mind, depending on the style of jumpsuit – long heavy blazers don’t go with wide legged jumpsuits but pair beautifully with straight legged or cropped jumpsuits.


Jumpsuits are notorious for making people shorter that what they are, they tend to pull the eyes downwards when looking at them. Overcome this by adding a pair of bold colour high heels to give it a fresh youthful edge plus additional height to make you appear taller.  Choose slim heals to keep the look slick and long or suede for added drama.

Another step to pulling off a jumpsuit is deciding what to do what your hair.  Wearing it up or down depends on a number of factors.  Fortunately there are no set rules on how to wear your hair but these guidelines will make it easier.  When opting for a casual look wearing hair down tends to look better as this compliments the relaxed feeling of the outfit.  Try a super low and loose ponytail or even light waves, for a formal look go with a polished up-do to suit the look.  You can wear whatever you prefer; you don’t need permission for us, so grab that jumpsuit and hold your head high.

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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

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