10 Ways Kate Is Changing The Face Of Fashion!

As mom-of-two and future Queen of England, all eyes are on the 35-year-old royal and her ever-evolving wardrobe with both fans and fashion industry trendsetters looking for some Kate inspiration.
The Duchess has certainly earned her fashion stripes. Ever since she met Prince William in 2001, the ‘Kate Effect’ has meant sell-outs, copycats and a recycled wardrobe that has divided opinion.
Kate’s influence can now be seen on every high street. Indigo skinny jeans and navy and white Breton striped Tee-shirts have become de rigueur for the morning and afternoon school run, after Kate was spotted in the outfit earlier this year.
Some say the Duchess pushes the boundaries for a young monarch. Kate’s high hemlines are said to have caused raised eyebrows within Buckingham Palace.
Elsewhere, fashion designers are desperate for Kate to experiment a little more with her attire and to be less traditional with her clothing choices. After all, she will one day be heading the monarchy for a whole new generation.
Wherever you stand on Kate’s personal style, here are 10 ways the Duchess is continuing to change the face of fashion her wardrobe choices…

1. Houndstooth Bites!
THANKS to Kate’s recent outing in the heritage pattern, sales of houndstooth clothing have sky-rocketed. The Duchess stepped out in the print for her first public engagement since giving birth to Princess Charlotte in May, wearing a Ralph Lauren silk Austin shirtdress from the company’s Black Label.Her monochrome look was finished with black mid-heel Stuart Weitzman Power Pumps.Houndstooth originated from woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands, but has since been used on all types of materials, traditionally black and white, but colours and size of pattern can vary.

2. Rocking Royal Bling
Royal protocol decrees that female members of the royal family must wear evening gowns and tiaras, traditionally loaned to them by the Queen.

But it’s not the first time that Kate has rocked some ice! Kate is no stranger to throwing on jewels fit for a right royal occasion. 

3. Back With Bangs
FRINGES, bangs, whatever you like to call them, Kate’s recently shorter hairstyle had everyone running to their stylist. After years of her usual long, polished, blown-out brunette waves, Kate went for the chop over the British summer and introduced grown out bangs in a bid to modernise her locks.The look has been sported on many a model and A-lister recently including Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift. Dubbed the ‘gringe’, short for grown out fringe, the hair-length skims the eyes to blend in with longer layers, creating a softer and more youthful look around the face.

4. Eaton Dress
ANOTHER of Kate’s recent surprise appearances was at a women’s prison to support the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust, a charity which works to help people with drug and alcohol dependence. Most notably for fashion fans was her choice of attire and the discovery of a new British label, The Fold. Kate turned up in their Eaton dress in winter white tweed fabric from the London label. She paired her new discovery with an old faithful from her wardrobe, her Hobbs London Somerton clutch bag. The Eaton dress is described by the fashion house as ‘the ultimate power dress’, and comes in navy, burgundy and silver. Unluckily for Kate fans, the summer tweed version sported by the Duchess is no longer available.

5. Baby Blues
THE only low for Kate recently has been her nation’s sensational early crash out of the Rugby World Cup. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the opening ceremony and match, where Kate wore a cobalt blue Emile coat from high street favourite Reiss. Pairing the coat with a blue and white heart print Shibani scarf from Beulah London, Kate is bang on trend with her blue look.The cobalt shade of the colour never seems to go out of fashion and has been seen on the catwalks for Chanel, Versace and Michael Kors as well as on Anastasia Steele in raunchy movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Given that the Queen’s favourite colour is blue, choice remains a safe one for Kate.

6. Mulberry Mayhem
FROM its heritage beginnings to its catwalk cool, Mulberry is the brand of the aristocracy and Kate is no stranger to its charms.

She may once have paired a fuchsia Mulberry Araline bag with yellow hot-pants and a green sequinned halter-neck during her uni days, but today the ravishing royal prefers to keep it conservative with her frequently used black and tan Polly Push Lock and her Mulberry Bayswater wallet in black suede.A favourite of fashionistas everywhere, Mulberry crosses the gap between royal and radical.

7. That Breton Striped Shirt
A FASHION classic and one of Kate’s most recycled outfits is her ME+EM Breton striped Tee-shirt with medium or dark wash skinny jeans and Sebago boat shoes. Breton striped clothing was first introduced by French Law in 1858 to easily locate overboard sailors, but has since made its mark as fashion must-have.Ever since Kate stepped out in the ensemble – whether it is white with blue stripe or navy with white stripe – moms-on-the-run have taken the outfit as a uniform for the school run. Kate’s tee-shirt is still available but waiting list of around two months.

8. Ladylike Chic
WHETHER she is attending a formal engagement or simply a spectator at a sporting event, Kate has mastered ladylike chic.From her matching tonal accessories to her slim fitted silhouette, there is no doubt that the Duchess is being groomed in preparation for her role as Queen.

9. Style Recycle
This all goes to show that Kate has done something quite wonderful for fashion – she has made women unafraid to re-wear their clothes, even bold prints. Often fashion dictates that the more memorable an outfit, the less wear it receives for fear of people recognising it.Kate has changed all that. Whatever the reason – and it certainly isn’t financial – Kate loves to recycle her style and we applaud her for it.

10.  A-Line
FOR years it was seen as a frumpy fashion fail, but Kate has brought the mid-length A-line silhouette back into vogue.Most of Kate’s outfits, whether from Topshop or top end designers, feature a conservative length and slight flare below the waist.


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