We Look At The Problem Of Illegal Gambling

Court Bans Online Gambling
In August 2010 the Gauteng Gambling Board announced gambling online is illegal.  This followed a North Gauteng High Court judgement on the jurisdiction of online gambling transactions within the country.  Both internet operators offering online gambling and residents partaking would be guilty of breaking the law.  The ruling also included service providers and transaction providers such as banks.  However, no individual has been targeted for using these sites.  Entities that advertise or facilitate online gambling – including radio and television stations, print media and outdoor advertising agencies – will also face the law.  Persons who are prosecuted and found guilty of breach or contravention of the gambling legislation could receive a fine of R10-million of 10 years in jail, or both.  In August 2018 global gambling changes spread to SA.  The National Gambling Amendment Bill affected all areas of gaming such as, horse racing, sports betting and online gambling with the most recent change made laws pertaining to iGaming a lot firmer. These adjustments include amending the National Gambling Board to be a National Gambling Regulator, implementing within horse racing a regulation body, and the prohibition of dog races, as well as betting on dog races in any form.  In addition, there are now stricter regulations on electronic bingo, horse racing and the forfeiture of unlawful winnings.

Hawks Raid On Illegal Gambling In Mashishing
In January 2016 an illegal gambling hub in Lydenburg and Coromandel in Mpumalanga was brought down by the Hawks.  Several types of gambling machines, all being illegal, were seized, as were seven suspects who had allegedly been operating gambling establishments.  This was however not an undercover operation led by the Hawks that saw these illegal operations being found out.  The raid had been constructed after members of the public complained about the shops, noticing that children who were underage were allowed to play on the machines, allegedly stealing money from their parents.  A community representative claimed that some of the children that had been noticed playing these machines were as young as five.

30 Illegal Gambling Sites Shut Down
Two gambling houses have been raided and closed down in February 2016.  During the operation the 48-year-old owner of the Meiringspark Internet Lounge was arrested.  In Stilfontein, the manager of the Flick Internet Café was also nailed.  On both the premises the machines being used were seized.  Members of the North West Gambling Board assisted in identifying these illegal gambling premises.

What Is Illegal Gambling?
Illegal gambling occurs when an unlicensed operator or person offers gambling products to the public.  Numerous illegal online gambling sites exist within Gauteng and we would like all of them to be closed down and the people responsible for the operation to be brought to book.  Illegal gambling includes internet gambling, umshayina (fafi), and any other form of betting at unlicensed venues, such as gambling on internet cafes, on streets and public areas accessible to minors and any other venue without a gambling license.

Modus Operandi
Gambling gangs that operate on the streets usually follow similar modus operandi of learning victims – mostly pedestrians who are passing by – into the games, with promises of a quick financial windfall once they take part in the gambling.  Stories of pedestrians being robbed of their possessions include cell phones, once they have ‘lost’ the gamble.  People take part in illegal gambling willingly to the perpetrators cannot be accused of stealing.  Sometimes, however, blatant theft does occur where perpetrators deliberately create confusion and before you know it, you don’t have your wallet.  When they entice you to partake and you refuse, you could be harassed for that.  Gamblers are becoming addicted as a result of this illegal gambling.  Because they cannot be identified, they are unable to be rehabilitated and often lose everything they have to this overwhelming addiction.


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