QUIZ: Are You The Ultimate Titanic Fan?

By Katie Ellis

NEAR, far, wherever you are it’s safe to say that you have seen Titanic at least once and heard Celine Dion’s famous song from the movie too many times. Today is Titanic Rememberance Day, when we think of the 1,503 people who died on the ill-fated ship.

Twenty years on from the blockbuster that broke box office records as well as hearts, James Cameron’s disaster of a love story continues to be a favourite for millions, or at least a guilty pleasure. To celebrate 20 years of Titanic, we take you on a voyage back to when we first met Jack and Rose to find out just how shipshape your knowledge on one of the most famous movies of all time, it’s characters and stars, is. Take our quiz to find out how big a fan you are.

1. Jack and his friend Fabrizio get their last minute tickets to board Titanic how?
a. They win them in a card game
b. They steal them
c. They don’t have tickets

2. Matthew McConaughey was first choice to play Jack before director James Cameron suggested Leonardo DiCaprio. In which 2013 movie did Leo and Matt end up as co-stars?
a. Wolf Of Wall Street
b. Inception
c. Magic Mike

3. What is the now famous line Jack shouts as he stands on Titanic’s bow at the start of the doomed voyage?
a. ‘Anchors away!’
b. ‘I’m the king of the World!’
c. ‘America here I come!’

4. What did Kate refuse before her nude scene in front of Leo as her character reclines on a couch to be sketched?
a. A stiff drink
b. A body double
c. No men on set

5. Jack and Rose sneakily consummate their love for each other where on board the doomed ship?
a. In a bathtub
b. On the backseat of a car
c. In the engine room

6. Kate Winslet’s real life love interest and third husband changed from Abel Smith to which rather bizarre name?
a. Rob RnB
b. Harry HipHop
c. Ned RocknRoll

7. Which of these supermodels has Leo NOT dated?
a. Giselle Bundchen
b. Eva Herzigova
c. Heidi Klum

8. Leo has rated Kate as the best when it comes to what?
a. Learning lines
b. Kissing scenes
c. On set pranks

9. Kate told recently how she and Leo had become close friends while making Titanic but never dated each other because of what?
a. They didn’t and never have liked each other.
b. Work commitments got in the way.
c. They have never been single at the same time.

10. Celine Dion recorded the movie’s epic theme, My Heart Will Go On, in just one take. Where does the legendary singer come from?
a. America
b. France
c. Canada

11. Who said this about Celine’s most famous song: “I wish I could say, ‘Oh listen, everybody! It’s the Celine Dion song!’ But I don’t. I just have to sit there, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll. It haunts me.”
a. Kate Winslet
b. Leonardo DiCaprio
c. James Cameron

12. Molly Brown was based on one of the real survivors of the Titanic disaster. Which Oscar-winning actress played the woman now known as ‘the unsinkable Molly Brown?’
a. Kathy Bates
b. Annette Bening
c. Meryl Streep

13. Which Back To The Future actorplays posh bad boy and Jack’s love rival Cal Hockley?
a. Michael J Fox
b. Christopher Lloyd
c. Billy Zane

14. Which Apollo 13 and Aliens actor, who appears in the modern-day scenes in Titanic, sadly died this year aged just 61?
a. Bill Paxton
b. Bill Murray
c. Pill Pullman

15. Kate suffered pneumonia due to the hours she spent filming in water for Titanic. Which almost as nasty ailment does she still claim to be suffering from due to working in the cold again for new movie The Mountain Between Us?
a. Frostbite
b. Hypothermia
c. Arthritis

16. What does Jack promise Rose to do before he sinks to his death as the couple cling together in the water?
a. Remember him
b. Survive and never give up
c. Sue Titanic’s owners

17. Titanic the movie was more expensive to make than Titanic the ship. What was the film’s staggering and, at the time, record-breaking budget?
a. $50-million
b. $100-million
c: $200-million

18. Titanic received an unprecedented 14 Oscar nominations, but how many did it actually win?
a. None
b. Six
c. 11


19. Director James Cameron went on to better Titanic‘s staggering box office return with which sci-fi spectacular?
a. Avatar
b: Aliens
c: Star Wars

20. What is the name of the diamond necklace Rose wears aboard Titanic and is seen throwing into the sea as an old lady at the tearjerking end to the film?
a. Heart of the Land
b: Heart of the Sky
c: Heart of the Ocean

1. a: They win them in a card game
2. a: Wolf Of Wall Street
3. b: ‘I’m the king of the World!’
4. b: A body double
5. b: On the backseat of a car
6. c: Ned RocknRoll
7. c: Heidi Klum
8. b: Kissing scenes
9. a: They didn’t and never have liked each other
10. c: Canada
11. a: Kate Winslet
12. a: Kathy Bates
13. c: Billy Zane
14. a: Bill Paxton
15. c: Arthritis
16. b: Survive and never give up
17. c: $200-million
18. c: 11
19. a. Avatar
20. c: Heart of the Ocean


With a Titanic score like that it’s clear you’ve been on board with this tragic love story from the very beginning. You know what’s coming but you still watch every time hoping Jack and Rose somehow make it out of their terrible predicament to live happily ever after. You’ll be celebrating 20 years of Titanic just like Kate and Leo.

You’re not sunk yet but when it comes to one of the biggest movies of all time, you’re not quite so shipshape as you perhaps thought. You may have been swept up with Titanic when it first came out but the past 20 years have left you a little rusty. Not to worry, now’s the perfect time for a voyage down memory lane.
Have you even seen Titanic? It’s on TV every Christmas but either you weren’t watching properly or your memory for the movie has sunk without trace.




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