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Jam of the Day: Daniel Baron – Beautiful Noise

Earlier this year, Daniel Baron released one of the biggest South African dance songs of the year. ‘Children of the Sun’ saw the singer take a step in a different direction as he explored the dance genre more than ever before. Now, after the incredible success the song had, the singer has continued his journey on this road as he drops his new single ‘Beautiful Noise’.

Daniel isn’t just a singer but a producer as well and, as with ‘Children of the Sun’, the production on ‘Beautiful Noise’ is insane. I love how Daniel arranged the different sounds on the track and how he used his own voice as the sonic centrepiece of the track. “Instead of using a range of electronic elements I decided to use my voice to create different synth sounds which eventually formed the main hook. I’ve realized that sometimes simplicity is so much more powerful in music.” Daniel tells me.

Daniel is one of the strongest pop singers in the country and has created another track that will, undoubtedly, become a radio hit. However, after his performance on ‘Children of the Sun’, ‘Beautiful Noise’ falls flat for me. While I really like the melodic hook, the verses lack that ‘umph’. I think the lyrics are too simplistic and the chorus, for me, sounds too much like a pre-chorus – leaving an empty space in the song. Does this mean this isn’t a banger? Hell no! Daniel is one of my favourite local artists at the moment and it has been amazing to watch his journey unfold in front of my eyes. Remember to support local music and buy this song off iTunes today.

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