Quiz Time! Are You Royal Wedding Ready?

By Georgina Bearns/Feats Press

FOLLOWING the happy news of their engagement, we’re all looking forward to another royal wedding, set for May 2018. As we celebrate the happy couple’s engagement and count down to their big day, take our fun quiz to see how well you have been keeping up with the Harry and Meghan love story.


1. Since which month of 2016 have Harry and Meghan been dating?
a. January 2016
b. April 2016
c. November 2016

2. Meghan starred in which TV legal drama before recently quitting the show to be with her Prince?
a. Suits
b. Law & Order
c. Boston Legal

3. Harry and Meghan were introduced to each other by whom?
a. Pamela Anderson
b. Prince William
c. Markus Anderson

4. To celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday, Harry whisked his future bride away to which of his favourite places in the world?
a. The Seychelles
b. Botswana
c. Scotland

5. Meghan has collaborated with which Canadian fashion brand for a stylish workwear line?
a. Beaufille
b. Victoria’s Secret
c. Reitmans

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6. Which matching item of jewellery gave the dating game away when the pair were spotted wearing them?
a. Beaded bracelets
b. Pendant necklaces
c. Diamond rings

7. Before acting, what did Meghan do for a living?

b. Calligrapher
c. Zookeeper

8. Prince Harry’s longest romantic relationship before meeting Meghan was with whom?
a. Chelsy Davy
b. Caroline Flack
c. Chelsea Handler

9. What are Meghan’s two beloved dogs called?
a. Starsky & Hutch
b. Bogart & Guy
c. Harry & Wills

10. Meghan starred as special agent Amy Jessup in which science fiction television series?
a. Fringe
b. Bangs
c. Star Trek

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11. In April 2017 Meghan closed down her lifestyle blog after three years of writing about fashion, beauty, travel and food. What was it called?
a. Goop
b. Meg’s
c. The Tig

12. Which of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends said, “In this country, I find that people are very quick to put you in a box or put you in a corner and think, ‘Oh well, you’re that, so you must be that’. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially in the industry that I’m in.”
a.. Astrid Harbord
b. Florence Brudenell-Bruce
c. Cressida Bonas

13. Although she currently lives in Canada, where was Meghan born and raised?
a. Los Angeles
b. New York
c. Chicago

14. Meghan posted a picture on Instagram in October 2016 of which fruit that alluded to her relationship with Harry?
a. Bananas
b. Apples
c. Watermelons

15. In December 2016, Meghan stepped out with which two initials on her necklace?
a. S & M
b. M & H
c. B & G

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16. Which of these is the name of a character Meghan has played on TV?
a. Rachel Zane
b. Rachel Green
c. Billy Zane

17. What discipline does Meghan’s mom teach?
a. Boxing
b. Yoga
c.. Pilates

18. Who is said to have given their blessing to Harry and Meghan’s marriage?
a. The British Prime Minister
b. The Queen
c. The Archbishop of Canterbury

19. Which global tennis star does Meghan refer to as her confidante?
a. Andy Murray
b. Serena Williams
c. Billie Jean King

20. Meghan was previously married to film producer Trevor Engelson. The pair split in 2013 after how many years together?
a. 15 years
b. Five years
c. Two years

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21. Prince Harry issued a public statement about the treatment of his girlfriend in what month of 2016?
a. January 2016
b. August 2016
c. November 2016

22. Which former global leader quizzed Prince Harry about his love life at the Invictus Games in Toronto?
a. George Bush
b. Tony Blair
c. Barack Obama

23. Which fellow member of the royal household also issued a statement in November 2016 supporting Harry in his public plea for Meghan to be protected?
a. Prince William
b. Prince Phillip
c. Prince Charles

24. Meghan was a briefcase model for which popular television game show?
a. Deal Or No Deal
b. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
c. The Apprentice

25. Where are the happy couple likely to live after they tie the knot?
a. Buckingham Palace
b. Kensington Palace
c. Sandringham



1. b: Harry and Meghan are said to have been in a relationship since April 2016.
2. a: Suits
3. c: Markus Anderson – Meghan’s long-time Canadian friend who is a consultant for private members clubs, Soho House.
4. b: Botswana – the Meno a Kwena camp in Botswana.
5. c: Reitmans
6. a: Beaded bracelets
7. b: Calligrapher
8. a: Chelsy Davy – the pair dated for around five years between 2005 and 2010.
9. b: Bogart & Guy
10. a: Fringe
11. c: The Tig
12. c: Cressida Bonas – the actress, dancer and model.
13. a: Los Angeles
14. a: Bananas – the picture depicted two bananas cuddling.
15. b: M & H
16. a: Rachel Zane
17. b: Yoga
18. c: The Archbishop Of Canterbury
19. b: Serena Williams
20. c: Two years
21. c: November 2016
22. c: Barack Obama – the former US President.
23. a: Prince William
24. a: Deal Or No Deal
25. b: Kensington Palace


0-6: A Royal Miss!
Despite it being the biggest royal story of the moment, you haven’t a clue when it comes to Meghan, Harry and the right royal carry on regarding their romance. You’d rather pass on the general gossip surrounding the will they-won’t they relationship, preferring to ignore the finer details of secret meetings, signature jewellery and the relocation of Meghan to London. It bores you to hear of imminent announcements and you’d rather just wait until everything is official.

7-13: A Royal Mrs!
You’ve put in a great effort when it comes to the Meghan and Harry merry-go-round. While you kept up with all things Kate and Wills, Meghan and Harry have just passed you by a little, but there’s still time to catch up before the big day. From her Hollywood upbringing to her latest role as Duchess-in-waiting, make sure you keep up with Meghan’s style file and charity work just in case that big date is looming.

14-19: You’re Mad For Markle!
When it comes to the latest royal romance, there isn’t much that you have missed. You can’t wait for the official palace announcement to confirm your suspicions that Meghan and Harry are to be married and that the new royal member will be an American. You’re excited to have a new style icon in your life and can’t wait to see how Meghan and Kate measure up on the fashion front. Carry on watching Suits re-runs until it’s time to put up the bunting!

20-25: You Sparkle For Markle!
You’ve bought your hat, put the champagne on ice and now you’re just waiting for the royal seal of approval. You’ve consumed anything and everything about the princess-in-waiting and her handsome prince, and you’re half-expecting an invite to land on your doormat soon. Contain your excitement by planning what you think Meghan’s wedding dress will look like.