Martin Bester Releases Dance-Ready New Single ‘Ek Het Geweet’

Martin Bester released a string of hits last year and as he continues to promote his latest studio album ‘Vir Die Eerste Keer’, the Jacaranda FM breakfast host has decided to pick up the tempo and release the dancefloor-ready ‘Ek Her Geweet’ as the next single off the project.

The pop track has a punk rock element to it which is not only a treat to listen to but it’s something different and fresh. The sound sees the singer revisit a similar avenue he explored with his band Kinky Robot and it’s a place where he is incredibly familiar with.

On the inspiration behind the song, Martin says that “I like honest people who are straightforward about their feelings. Nobody has time to play and that’s what the song is about. It has an exciting tune and is something that everyone can relate to.” He adds that “I want listeners to connect with my songs and apply them to their own lives. I love it when my music ‘speaks’ to people on the dance floor, while on road trip in the car or when home alone.”


Martin has always enjoyed having a personal element when it comes to the lyrical content of his music – and ‘Ek Het Geweet’ is no exception. “Inspiration comes from everyday things, as I see, hear and experience them,” Martin explains. “Sometimes I get an idea when I look at the clouds or when I hear the wind blowing on a dirt road. In recent months, I wrote a lot about things that were happening in my life…” Support local music and download or stream the song on your favourite digital platform now.