Jam of the Day: Mathew Gold – Never Mind

Mathew Gold Never Mind

Oh, how we’ve missed Mathew Gold! After a short hiatus, the singer dropped his soulful single ‘Lay Down’ earlier this year which landed up being a smash hit. Now, however, as he prepares the release of his new studio album next month, the singer changes things up a bit as he teams up with the Wolfpack’s Sketchy Bongo and Deemo on his banging new single ‘Never Mind’.

I think that the one thing that really stands out when first listening to the single is just how different it is from his previous single. This shows just how versatile Mathew is as an artist as he is able to deliver brilliant slow jams and club bangers. Despite the difference in tempo, Mathew still brings his smooth, emotional vocals to the party each and every time and it’s this that sets him apart. Naturally, the production on the track is fire and it’s great to see Mathew playing in this genre. Sketchy Bongo and Deemo did a fantastic job blending the slow piano and club beats together with a sick bassline. Lyrically, the song is outstanding. Mathew manages to tell a deeper story on the dance song – something we don’t often see in commercial dance music these days.


I love how Mathew pushes boundaries and wants to be better with every single he releases. The singer is incredibly talented and will have a whole lot more to offer when his new album drops next month. The song is climbing up the charts all around the country and belongs at the number one spot. This is definitely one of my favourite local releases of 2016.