Jam of the Day: Louis Tomlinson – Miss You

The One Direction lads are smashing their solo careers right now. Harry Styles and Niall Horan both released impressive debut solo albums this year and Liam Payne is dominating the charts with his hits ‘Strip That Down’ and ‘Bedroom Floor’ and Louis Tomlinson continues to break boundaries with his genre-crossing singles ‘Just Hold On’ with Steve Aoki and ‘Back To You’ with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals. Now, the star has released a pop/rock banger titled ‘Miss You’.

The sonic direction is a surprising yet necessary one for Louis. He seems way more comfortable within the pop/rock and the space brings to light all the positive elements in his vocal that were evident during his days in One Direction. The track seems to fill the void left by the group and the pop/rock space is still incredibly popular with fans around the world. Louis delivers an anthemic chorus which is catchy, fun and full of attitude. The sonic direction is inspired by Oasis and Arctic Monkeys – artists Louis was obsessed with growing up and the result is an incredibly authentic track which has the potential to be his biggest single to date.


“If you look at a pop song fundamentally, lyrically it’s very different to the conversational style that Arctic Monkeys or Oasis might use, and that’s exciting to me,” Tomlinson said of the track. “I wrote this song about a time in my life when I was going out partying every night. In hindsight throughout that time I was pretty numb and just going through the motions,” Tomlinson explains. “Deep down, it was always in the back of my mind that what I really missed was the girl that I loved. It was important for me to write something really honest.” The honesty paid off. ‘Miss You’ is Louis’ best solo single to date.