Jam of the Day: Howie Combrink – Believe

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Howie Combrink but the singer has made a triumphant comeback with his new single ‘Believe’. This time, however, Howie slows things down and releases a haunting ballad which shows off a different side of the singer. Howie teamed up with the folks at RADA Unearthed and recorded the track for their first compilation album which features new hit singles from both unknown and established artists, including the likes of Prime Circle, Lira, Caroline Borole, Ashlinn Gray, Naming James and more.

Although the song has a moody undertone, the song has an inspirational message behind it – convincing the listener to believe in themselves and to reach for the stars in anything they do. Howie gives an incredible vocal performance. His voice is strong, powerful and sincere – something which adds a whole lot of heart to the song. It’s not often we hear local music which inspires the listener to make the most of their lives and that’s why this song is so important. The track received an extraordinary number of radio plays within its first week of release and is already dominating the South African airwaves.

As mentioned, Howie teamed up with RADA Unearthed for the single. An acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse, RADA aims to combat addiction and life’s cruellest atrocities by building comprehensive renewal centres worldwide. While involved in various CSI projects, the non-profit company also contributes to the arts. Howie did a fantastic job on the track and I have no doubt it will be a massive hit for the star. Remember to support local music by buying the song off iTunes today.

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