Jam of the Day: Grace De La Hunt – Jellyfish

There’s an exciting new name on the local pop front. Grace De La Hunt has officially made her debut as she releases her new single ‘Jellyfish’ and proves she has what it takes to become a formidable force within the local pop space.

‘Jellyfish’ is an edgy pop track reminiscent of Melanie Martinez’ hit single ‘Soap’. Grace has veered away from the traditional way of manufacturing pop music and has opted for a more creative, artistic take while still ensuring the basic elements are there. The song, penned by Daniel Baron, is something different, fresh and current which is why we’re intrigued by the singer. “I was instantly drawn to the song, as I find the jellyfish a fascinating and mysterious creature to watch,” the star explained. “The production of the song gave me the feeling of being under deep, dark water.”


Grace, however, is no stranger to the music space. She opened for Mariah Carey in Cape Town back in 2015 and was a semi-finalist on ‘SA’s Got Talent’. She also won the Marshall Music Singer-Songwriter Competition.

The star is the first to be signed to Daniel Baron’s ‘Rockstar Records’ label “I’ve been releasing music under my own label for over seven years now. When Grace came along, I knew it was time to directly assist a fellow musician to break into the market and achieve the chart success that she deserves,” Daniel explains. The song proves Grace has something special about her and we can’t wait to see her grow over the next few months.