Jam of the Day: Chad Saaiman – Belief

2017 is an exciting year for Chad Saaiman because it marks a decade he has spent in the music industry. Over the past 10 years, Chad has become one of the most formidable artists in South Africa and to celebrate this milestone, Chad has just dropped his latest solo single titled “Belief”; a follow up to his last hit “Nights”.

Chad continues to artistic take on pop and R&B with this songs while adding more hip-hop elements than we’ve ever seen from him before. The song is built cleverly in the hopes of becoming a crossover hit – appealing to fans of each of the abovementioned genres. This is definitely a new direction for Chad and it’s refreshing to see an artist take such artistic risks. While the rap does sound a little too much like AKA to me, the star does an amazing job and shows off his skills beautifully.

“This track emphasises the importance of confidence, perseverance and a never-say-die attitude,” Chad says. “It’s about living out your dreams and having an unwavering belief in yourself no matter what anyone says.” The singer reveals that naysayers in the beginning of his career inspired the song and that he hopes to inspire thousands around the country to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. This is Chad as we’ve never seen him before and it proves the singer has a lot more up his sleeve.

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El Broide

El Broide

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