Jam of the Day: Bouwer Bosch – Pleidooi

Afrikaans pop singer Bouwer Bosch dropped his latest album ‘Hopelik’ late last year. The album’s lead and title single became a moderate success for the star and now, he continues the album’s promotion as he drops a beautifully shot video for the next single off the project – ‘Pleidooi’.

I’m such a fan of Bouwer’s voice. He brings something different to the table and sonically, delivered a weird yet wonderful new track. The song starts off with a simple acoustic guitar before getting an electronic make-over at the chorus. It’s something that, in essence, shouldn’t work smoothly – but it does. This unique approach shows off Bouwer’s creativity and proves he isn’t afraid to take risks musically. The song is elevated by the heartfelt lyrics we have become accustomed to by the singer and when all these elements are put together, Bouwer creates a magical track.


“The song is about that one person whose love you don’t deserve. Love is complex, but is something we all give and experience. The chorus does not have lyrics, which some listeners might find odd, but I wanted to try something new. I always try to choose genres that I feel have not been explored yet,” Bouwer says of the new single.

Bouwer dropped the track’s music video recently which was shot at gym clubs in Linden and Brakpan. The video follows a wrestler (played by Bouwer) who encounters some obstacles before realizing that sometimes you just need to accept what you cannot change. “Pleidooi’s music video is about how each of us are constantly battling with something in life. There’s always something we’re not happy with, have to accept or have to learn to live with,” the singer shares. “I am passionate about storytelling, therefore, this is more of a short film than a regular music video. I wanted to tell a love story that is different from the way it is usually seen in Afrikaans music videos.”

While I don’t think this is going to be a massive radio hit due to the bizarre sonic direction, Bouwer’s creativity shines brightly on the track and proves he’s not your ordinary pop star.