Horoscope – March 20-24 2017


By William Smith

HoroscopeARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 20
Your Week: Your own personality is your greatest asset yet again. Use your charm and ingenuity to get on in the external world. Dress to impress and put on your best style. Personal appearances prove more effective than tele-calls or e-mails.
Taken: Treasure your loved one. Nothing is likely to disturb your peace of mind.
Single: You can linger in a rut or you can set yourself on a promising social whirl.

HoroscopeTAURUS: Apr 21 – May 20
Your Week: You can now satisfactorily sort out a financial problem that has been getting you down. New moneymaking ideas are coming to mind and one should be worthy of serious consideration. Watch for a chance to get a better job or pay increase.
Taken: Do so thoughtfully when making plans for the future. Heed your mate’s needs.
Single: Forget your cares in favour of enjoying some fun with your best friends.


HoroscopeGEMINI: May 21 – Jun 21
Your Week: Now impressively agile in mental pursuits, you can resolve problems that have been bottled up. You are capable of succeeding in arguments and debates as you are now more facts-orientated. Communications and interviews prove rewarding.
Taken: A good time for solving partnership problems and making a new beginning.
Single: Enjoy a light and cheerful atmosphere. Friends may do some match-making.

HoroscopeCANCER: Jun 22 – 23 Jul
Your Week: The domestic side of your life hits a smooth patch, and you should act quickly to make things enduringly comfortable for you and your family. Invite them to weigh in with ideas and suggestions and then you will know what plans to make.
Taken: You can expect to get lots of understanding and sympathy from your partner.
Single: An amusing and interesting phase. You will have new admirers to consider.
HoroscopeLEO: Jul 24 – Aug 23
Your Week: Put a lively accent on friendship and entertainment by increasing your social activities. You will probably find yourself to be very much in demand supposing you belong to a group dedicated to community affairs or charitable causes.
Taken: Use affection and kindness to draw out the very best in your opposite-number.
Single: You really should be thinking about making overdue changes in your appearance.

HoroscopeVIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 22
Your Week: You can now overcome difficulties connected with health and work. Have faith in your ideas, skills and judgements – then you will succeed in your job. You can make money if you have freedom of action to augment your enhanced energy.
Taken: Play it free and easy in relating to your partner. Avoid sensitive issues.
Single: Your upbeat nature is likely to bring you loads of happiness in return.

HoroscopeLIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 22
Your Week: Interesting and congenial people now make life a bit easier for you in certain respects. A strong sense of loyalty prevails in established associations so it appears that you cannot go wrong if you put the emphasis on shared endeavours.
Taken: Your possessive attitude may cause your sweetheart to rebel against you.
Single: Fortune favours you so set out to enjoy good times and attract a new lover.

HoroscopeSCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Your Week: Look for success through past efforts. Applications that have worked well before should to do so yet again. Knowledge obtained through experience is your source of power. You are now also keenly motivated by praise and appreciation.
Taken: Frank discussions ought to result in satisfactory solutions to problems.
Single: An invitation follows an introduction, and sets the scene for amorous action.
HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 21
Your Week: Do not dwell on hopes that have failed. Rather focus on fresh aims. This is a spell in which realistic wishes could come true. You will find that a prayer is answered or that a dream is fulfilled if you maintain a positive outlook.
Taken: You must exercise a lot of care and consideration during this sensitive round.
Single: An outgoing colleague wants you to join in, in making friends and having fun.

HoroscopeCAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 20
Your Week: This is quite a go-ahead period as far as your career is concerned. The secret to success is to be available and flexible where key people are concerned and then you will benefit from those associations. You can do some splendid deals.
Taken: Use your imagination to think up fresh ways to please your sweetheart.
Single: Good timing is necessary as it will enable you to make a worthy love match.

HorocsopeAQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 19
Your Week: Socially you should have a full and exciting agenda. Then again, you might opt for a quieter round. Either way, you are due to benefit from friendship. Business and pleasure might be agreeably connected. New interests are satisfying.
Taken: You can draw the best out your mate through your affection and kindness.
Single: Move around and mix in new circles in order to forge valuable connections.

HoroscopePISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 20.
Your Week: Establish inner harmony by adopting a spiritual mood. You will find meditation to be comforting and rewarding. You are also likely to gain fresh vision and uncover some hidden truths. An unusual dream could give you food for thought.
Taken: Happiness in your love life keeps your mind off problems in other areas.
Single: Let your imagination guide you in finding ways to increase your popularity.