Horoscope – 28 August – 1 September 2017

By William Smith

HoroscopeARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 20
Your Week: Focus on income and cash matters. This ambit could presage good financial news such as a rise in salary or the recovery of outstanding money. Do not hesitate to chase up whatever is due to you. You can profit by completing work in hand.
Taken: Enjoy a session in which understanding and generosity feature strongly.
Single: Social life is fine. You can find it if you are seeking a new relationship.

HoroscopeTAURUS: Apr 21 – May 20
Your Week: Allow your optimistic side to prevail in this opportune interval. Providing your thoughts and intentions are noble, your actions will be honourable and that is the formula for success. You can originate splendid ideas and make them work.
Taken: You will meet with a good deal of happiness if you show more affection.
Single: You will be appreciated if your words and actions are caring and gentle.

HoroscopeGEMINI: May 21 – Jun 21
Your Week: Things should improve quite rapidly during this especially opportune period. A timely business or career manoeuvre will serve to make your financial position easier. Look for steady progress and solid rewards from this juncture onwards.
Taken: Concentrate on partnership aims. Things will soon enough fall into place.
Single: Make your big move now assuming you are on your own and looking for love.

HoroscopeCANCER: Jun 22 – 23 Jul
Your Week: A welcome air of contentment pervades your social setting, with worthy friends and fresh interests making you glad to be alive. Hopes and wishes are tied in with helpful connections. Teamwork and togetherness are you keys to achievements.
Taken: You will fare well in matters of the heart providing you are thoughtful.
Single: Get out and about because life on the social plane will be highly enjoyable.

HoroscopeLEO: Jul 24 – Aug 23
Your Week: With powerful subconscious urges pushing strongly toward the surface, you are sure to surprise some people. It is time to release long-contained ideals and principles. An intense self-analysis enables you to rectify personal traits.
Taken: You have it in you to create a loving and caring climate in your union.
Single: See that you sparkle because your admirers will appreciate you so much more.

HoroscopeVIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 22
Your Week: Determine to give an excellent account of yourself in the worldly sense while fate favours your endeavours. Make certain that your deeds are brought to the attention of those who are positioned to grant the rewards you richly deserve.
Taken: You can draw the best out of your mate through affection and kindness.
Single: You will be well-loved if your own thoughts and actions are caring ones.

HoroscopeLIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 22
Your Week: Welcome a more upbeat commercial trend in which sterling endeavours to boost your income ought to meet with satisfactory results. It might be advisable to plough some gains back into safe investments so as to ensure future security.
Taken: Your relationship improves because your emotions are now well-balanced.
Single: An eager admirer excites you. Your confidence will get a welcome boost.

HoroscopeSCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Your Week: Your progress hinges on just how effectively you use your mind. A fresh mental approach should conduce to a pleasing turnaround in your fortunes. As a matter of fact, this is an ideal term for entering a profitable new area of activity.
Taken: You can please your truelove and gain advantages in being co-operative.
Single: If lonesome, you may start a new love affair that changes your whole life.

HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 21
Your Week: Your good fortune stretches right across the board: touching your domestic and business interests. Yet, it is confined to immediate matters and not to long-range ambitions. However, in solving the former, you can ease the way ahead.
Taken: Use your imagination to think up fresh ways to please your sweetheart.
Single: Because relating is now so much easier, you can count on having a good time.

HoroscopeCAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 20
Your Week: You will find this to be a superb spell for competing in special sports events or for creating a work of art, depending on which activity you favour. New friendships and fresh interests could spring from social or cultural involvements.
Taken: Your relationship is now harmonious so do not resort to any impulsive actions.
Single: A new love experience will thrill you if you are free to have some fun.

HoroscopeAQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 19
Your Week: Devote more attention to your health – embark upon a sensible diet and exercise programme. It should work wonders for your wellbeing by ridding your body of toxins, and you will savour life so much more when you are in really good shape.
Taken: Togetherness satisfies because you are playing your part in it really well.
Single: Your popularity is peaking. You can find romantic happiness once again.

HoroscopePISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 20.
Your Week: Seize the initiative if you hope to make or renew an agreement, perhaps form a business partnership or commit yourself to a special arrangement. You will get positive responses to most of your proposals while your good luck is peaking.
Taken: Make time for sharing pleasures if you are married or in a relationship.
Single: Be generally good-natured and then you will impress the opposite gender.