Horoscope – 27 February – 3 March 2017

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By William Smith

ARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 20
Your Week: Adventurous and opportunistic action ought to culminate in success. You might be surprised to see how far you can go when you let yourself loose, and will easily bring previously daunting objectives to quick and profitable conclusions.
Taken: Time to show that you have a serene and lovely disposition, and lots of kindness.
Single: Connecting well with the opposite sex gives you immense emotional satisfaction.


Taurus - FotoliaTAURUS: Apr 21 – May 20
Your Week: Positive thinking could make you brilliant at this time, should enable you to acquit yourself well in many ways. Let others settle for being average, but you must rise above them while swift personal growth and development is possible.
Taken: Your powerful romantic inclination and desires are enhancing your relationship.
Single: In a clever, entertaining and challenging mood, you are sure to get attention.

Gemini - FotoliaGEMINI: May 21 – Jun 21
Your Week: Household work may occupy much of your time. It seems that you need to discuss important issues with your loved ones, and can resolve certain difficulties. You can also play a vital part in making your surroundings pleasant and secure.
Taken: Love will grow if you can be a soothing and calming presence in your union.
Single: A promising love affair can be compared to a lovely fairytale. Do not spoil it.

Cancer - FotoliaCANCER: Jun 22 – 23 Jul
Your Week: You are displaying a taste for personal success and, because the portents are predominantly promising, could succeed in making your name known in impressive style. There is a surprise coming your way and it should be entirely pleasing.
Taken: Now easy to get along with, you are bringing warmth and stability to your marriage.
Single: Chances are that you could soon be linking up again with a lover from your past.

Leo - FotoliaLEO: Jul 24 – Aug 23
Your Week: You must now look for an opportunity to cash in on experience you have gained in the commercial world. Alternatively, you can benefit through a really good connection. If self-employed, launch out adventurously while luck favours you.
Taken: Kindness, sympathy and a desire to be helpful make marriage just perfect.
Single: You could now find a trustworthy other to look after, to love and adore you.

Virgo - FotoliaVIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 22
Your Week: The splendid news is that life holds some pleasant portents for you. Whatever you have planned for this interval, you have a super chance of coming through it well. Anticipate making a breakthrough if you are looking for approbation.
Taken: Sensuous and amorous, you are inclined to make all the right romantic moves.
Single: You have a keen perception as to what makes the other gender tick, so use it.

Libra - FotoliaLIBRA: Sep 23 –  Oct 22
Your Week: Changes are brewing. Some issues and arrangements are ending and fresh beginnings must result. This process will contribute significantly to your personal transformation and development. Instinct enables you to make sensible choices.
Taken: Make partnership really good by being willing to compromise at all times.
Single: A show of refinement and gentility could attract some amorous attention.

Scorpio - FotoliaSCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Your Week: Because you cannot plan a good future if you dwell too often in the past, you are urged to get in tune with the present. Absorb all that is useful from it, and then use that knowledge as a base on which to erect your long-range aims.
Taken: You are capable of seeing your partner’s point of view, which is good.
Single: Some new romantic alliances could be in store. A choice must be made.
sagiterius - FotoliaSAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 21
Your Week: Make an earnest and enthusiastic endeavour to enrich yourself. Show those who are positioned to reward your effort that you are a zealous advocate of solid preparation and hard work. You have both charisma and ingenuity going for you.
Taken: Please your sweetheart by being very easy to be with both day and night.
Single: You may not be looking for marriage but can certainly attract romantic love.

Capricorn - FotoliaCAPRICORN: Dec 22 –  Jan 20
Your Week: It is a good friend who shows you your faults and thereby spares you disaster, so do not permit foolish pride to cause you to resent such constructive criticism. Friends who neglect to advise and guide you are useless by comparison.
Taken: Make a happy home of prime importance. Your mate will happily fit into it.
Single: You are a wanderer in search of affection, and could suddenly be fulfilled.

Aquarius - FotoliaAQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 19
Your Week: A truly thoughtful appraisal of your intensely personal affairs is recommended because you will undoubtedly find satisfactory solutions to most difficulties. With your private worries rapidly thinning out, you can initiate fresh plans.
Taken: You and your darling are learning how best to live with and love each other.
Single: Hold your breath and hope for the best when you encounter an attractive admirer.

Pieces - Fotolia PISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 20
Your Week: Polish your strengths and they will diminish your weaknesses. The vital thing is to get to know the full extent of your capabilities. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your potential extends far beyond your assumption.
Taken: Your keen intuition is working especially well in relation to home life.
Single: Get lucky by cultivating a positive attitude to all things romantic.