Horoscope – 24-28 April 2017

By William Smith
HoroscopeARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 20
Your Week: Your imagination is working well – serves to fuel your aspirations. Enthusiasm and ambition make a wonderful combination; and your higher degree of optimism will make you fail-proof. All manner of positive emotions work in your favour.
Taken: Any disruptive influences in your intimate relationship are sure to diminish.
Single: Expect to get your way in relating to the opposite sex. However, be selective.

HoroscopeTAURUS: Apr 21 – May 20
Your Week: Take swift and definite action to secure your future while fortune favours you from a strictly personal standpoint. This is an auspicious ambit for starting out afresh so get going assuming you have expansive hopes and wishes in mind.
Taken: Frequent compromises are needed so as to have a mutually fulfilling union.
Single: A real charmer shows interest in you. It could lead to a fulfilling heart affair.

HoroscopeGEMINI: May 21 – Jun 21
Your Week: Welcome a favourable turn of events. You can now afford to act boldly – to go for bold gambits in your preferred activities. Romance, sport and speculation should work for you. Fresh inspiration is a bonus if you are an artistic type.
Taken: Always bear in mind that love is an art, and requires a lot of imagination.
Single: Everything falls into place just when you are yearning for love and affection.


HoroscopeCANCER: Jun 22 – 23 Jul
Your Week: Remember that creating a sound foundation is a major need in order to succeed in this competitive society. Keep your mind firmly fixed on a viable aspiration since that action will motivate you to go on and make it an actuality.
Taken: This is when fading love can be revived. The next bold move must come from you.
Single: Go all out to make the acquaintance of the person who interests you romantically.

HoroscopeLEO: Jul 24 – Aug 23
Your Week: Make the utmost of a fortunate session for dealing with home affairs. Discuss your hopes and plans with key members of your family. Invite constructive input from them to add to your ideas, as the exercise will be really worthwhile.
Taken: You are sure to feel appreciated now that your love and affection is returned.
Single: There is a hint of a fresh romance, assuming you are a completely free agent.

HoroscopeVIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 22
Your Week: Anticipate a sentimental phase in your life. You can now come to terms with certain memories and free yourself from certain regrets. Difficulties are now readily sorted out and fresh resolutions can be made with high hopes for shared contentment.
Taken: Companionship is highly pleasing, especially if the relationship is still new.
Single: Stimulate greater interest in yourself by the opposite sex by looking your best.

HoroscopeLIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 22
Your Week: Action and plenty of it – that is what you now need. You are germinating mentally and ready to launch out expansively. Your ideas and plans should receive good responses from those who are handily positioned to support your efforts.
Taken: Sweep away doubts by giving your darling your undivided love and attention.
Single: Someone, wanting to connect with you, is waiting to get a positive sign from you.

HoroscopeSCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Your Week: Now is the time to go flat out to get desired results in everything that concerns your general welfare. You can indeed make a powerful impact on everyone with whom you are in contact; can now obtain special favours across the board.
Taken: You and your partner must try to be increasingly creative in your lovemaking;
Single: Your desire is being acknowledged. Luck and love are currently so well-blended.
HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 21
Your Week: It is time for making a change in your life. You still have a lot of learning to do and must now put yourself on a brave new path. Make fresh knowledge and new experiences your immediate aim. The end result must lead to secure living.
Taken: You will be pleasantly surprised by the love and affection coming back to you.
Single: A new and highly promising love affair beckons if you are in the market again.

HoroscopeCAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 20
Your Week: Good fortune slips in so smartly now, so suit yourself in full expectation of achieving your goal. Start out with a definite game plan and stick diligently to it. Commit yourself to doing things better and also getting it just right.
Taken: Resolve to do a little more than is expected of you, in relation to your mate.
Single: You could indeed be successful in getting a special individual to notice you.

HorocsopeAQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 19
Your Week: Make the utmost of a significant session for promoting or even realising your career goals. Push your ambitions, project yourself forcefully yet diplomatically. Everything should work out in your favour where top people are concerned.
Taken: You must devote extra effort to making your closest relationship harmonious.
Single: Set out to increase your circle of friends, and then you will find love again.

HoroscopePISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 20
Your Week: You are probably in the mood to seek pleasure – should find yourself to be in demand among your friends. Sport might also appeal to your outgoing nature. In one way and another, this could turn out to be an outstandingly happy session.
Taken: Affection can be renewed. Desire fully expressed acts with considerable force.
Single: It is opportune to practise the art of seduction. You are the star attraction.