Horoscope – 10-21 April 2017


HoroscopeARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 20
Your Week: If you have done the necessary groundwork, you can boldly pursue your special aims. You certainly are in line to reap some benefits this time around – it is just a matter of playing your cards just right in going after what you desire.
Taken: You must get on the same emotional wavelength to make your love life perfect.
Single: Set out to impress. You are certain to get attention and possibly a new partner.

HoroscopeTAURUS: Apr 21 – May 20
Your Week: Go flat-out to make money in a big way. Your income will quickly reach a fresh peak if you start out with the right attitude and a practical plan. If working for a company, ask for a raise as times could not be better for obtaining it.
Taken: Your warm-hearted expression of love serves to make your partner very happy.
Single: Socialise as you are likely to share an attraction with someone really special.

HoroscopeGEMINI: May 21 – Jun 21
Your Week: Your thinking is now impressively sequential with your ideas and plans, arriving in proper order and proving workable. You are doing yourself a big favour by not taking anything for granted – will benefit by checking all information.
Taken: The vital thing is to reach the right tempo on the love and physical planes.
Single: It could be a case of love at first sight when you meet a mercurial newcomer.


HoroscopeCANCER: Jun 22 – Jul 23
Your Week: Even if you are not by nature a truly domesticated sort of person, the fact is that it is precisely the domestic side of things that now occupies a huge part of your attention and you have no alternative to measuring up to such issues.
Taken: Love and caring, enveloped in ardour and passion, can make you irresistible.
Single: You can attract some worthy admirers if you are currently at liberty to flirt.

HoroscopeLEO: Jul 24 – Aug 23
Your Week: This ambit appears to be highly propitious for realising cherished hopes so be alert to possible lucky breaks. Your chances of eliciting special favours are very good. You just have to time your moves well so as to get good responses.
Taken: Your great, passionate expressions of your affection will greatly please your sweetheart
Single: You can afford to entertain hope and expectation of fulfilling your amorous aspiration.

HoroscopeVIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 22
Your Week: Your enhanced self-confidence ought to serve you exceptionally well at a time conducive to promoting your business and career aspirations. You are bound to gain a vital edge over others with regard to important deals and negotiations.
Taken: Make your partnership better by resolving to see your mate in a favourable light.
Single: A fresh romantic talent on your social scene will make your heart beat faster.

HoroscopeLIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 22
Your Week: Make sure that you are moving in the right direction at a favourable time for improving your social standing and making new friends. You could be taking up a new interest, realising a special aim, or greatly enhancing your popularity.
Taken: Love and affection, enveloped in ardour and passion, can make you fascinating.
Single: You have the magnetic personality that can add spice to almost any gathering.

HoroscopeSCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Your Week: Do not hesitate to seek advice and assistance from the appropriate people and institutions if you are looking to get more out of life. Put in your claim if it is valid. Get backing for your project if is worthy. Make more of yourself.
Taken: You should now be feeling super-confident and powerfully attractive as well.
Single: The good news if you are eligible is that you can score via a subtle flirtation.
HoroscopeSAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 21
Your Week: If you will for a moment cast your mind’s eye into the distant past, you will experience a revelation which could enable you to carve out a pretty good future. A case of taking your cues from lessons you have learnt in bygone times.
Taken: Take pains to rejuvenate your relationship. Love needs to be renewed periodically.
Single: This is when you have to use the cheeky approach upon meeting that special someone.

HoroscopeCAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 20
Your Week: Boosted self-confidence enables you to put up an impressive front and thereby to win important people over to your side. This is a grand time for garnering worthy gains in the commercial sphere and also for doing some social-climbing.
Taken: Make your love life fulfilling by getting on the same wavelength as your partner.
Single: Demonstrate your love and affection for the one you adore to the absolute maximum.

HorocsopeAQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 19
Your Week: Practise patience and tolerance when you are among close friends. Greater understanding exercised in social and work environments should pay truly worthy dividends. You can now stand out at social gatherings and gain friends.
Taken: Concentrate on co-ordinating your thoughts and desires with those of your mate.
Single: You are about to attract some worthy admirers if you happen to be free to flirt.

HoroscopePISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 20
Your Week: A time to get on top of troubles in your private life. Begin by renewing your faith in your ability to steer a sensible course. Fortify yourself with regular prayers. Moments in the heavenly presence will fill you with inspiration.
Taken: Turn on your charm often and enthusiastically so as to spice up your love life.
Single: Socialise since you are very likely to meet and share an attraction with someone new.