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I find mid-January to be a rather odd time of year activity-wise. On the one hand I find it hard to believe that we have accelerated into 2019 so rapidly already. On the other, I find it baffling as to why organisers have not yet woken from their holiday slumber yet. It is not as if our weekends simply vanish into the aether for no particular reason at all. C’mon, guys – step up a little, will ya! Nevertheless we are a resourceful lot and we will make do, surely.

I have welcomed into the New Year, but today I wish that it has gone all swimmingly thus far. There is nothing worse than a bad start. Thing may change a little later on, but in the here and now one can’t help but feel that the bitter atmosphere will permeate throughout the rest of 2019. Surely it can’t because there are too many variables in a 365-day cycle, for better or for worse. Just remember this… Luck is the residue of design; a success of a year will greatly rely on your input.

I can happily herald to you today, given that some are still easing their way into life’s usual humdrum, that we will take it easy this weekend. There’ shan’t be any items that will leave you absolutely knackered on Monday morning. You’ll go to bed on each of your two free nights this weekend rather calm and tranquil – you’ll be fresh to go about your duties the very next day. Let’s check out what this weekend holds in store for us.

  1. Martin Davis, Melt Sieberhagen, Elton Mduduzi, Jason Goliath, 12 January

Cost: R120, available through Computicket

I mentioned last week that Parker’s Comedy and Jive will host quite a number of events to usher the New Year in on a humorous note. This week we have quite the line-up for you and one guaranteed to have you and those fortunate enough to tag along in the ER with the amount of stitching you’d require. All of 1Martin Davis, Melt Sieberhagen, Elton Mduduzi and Jason Goliath will deliver their own unique brand of comedy on stage in a single night. This, I believe is quite the bargain given the asking price – the food and drink is not half bad, either. Montecasino is also open around the clock for those who feel like a bit of an after party following the show. I can’t, however, guarantee that such an activity will be kind on the wallet.

  1. The Galileo Open Air Cinema, Ends 21 April

Cost: R89-R175, available through Webtickets

Such a time has come (summer, obviously) where Capetonians can forego a traditional and rather cramped cinema house for a flick under the night skies. Residents of the city are also very lucky that they receive winter rainfall. This means that they can enjoy a movie with loved ones, unconfined by any structure without the fear of getting wet. It also means that the temperatures will prove to be quite mild. It is the type of tranquil, affordable activity that any one person should try out at least once. I urge you though to do it as often as you can spare. I do suggest that you check out their website for times, venues and the particular film to be screened on a given night from Wednesdays through Sundays. Remember your blankets, poofs and pillows, too. A bit of pocket money would prove useful as well because there will be a mini-market selling delicious food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee and popcorn before the screening of every movie.

  1. Summer Sunsets @ The Radison Blu, Ends 26 April

Cost: Free

The premise here is simple. Every Friday before the winter kicks in you and a couple of like-minded individuals can enjoy the Jozi sunsets in an environment that is designed to make you feel, well, pretty good. It is at the Radison Blu Hotel in Sandton where relaxation and sophistication will meet every Friday evening solely to have you unwind after a long workweek. Nothing screams refinement like a couple of cocktails sipped on a pool deck while the blistering African sun slowly dips beyond the horizon. Just heed though that while the entry every Friday will be free of charge, you will be required to cover your own personal costs in terms of food and drink.

  1. The Zoo Trot, 13 January

Cost: R60 per person

Two birds, one stone – or so goes an avian-insensitive proverb. But this is certainly the case this Sunday at the Johannesburg Zoo… for good reasons. What the facility will afford you this weekend is a fun, brisk way to see every single sight they have on offer. It can take quite some time to visit each and every enclosure at the zoo given its size, but this Sunday you can enter yourself in a 5 or 10km fun run – you are welcome to walk them, too. The plus side is that the cost for this is less than the typical entry fee into the zoo and you get to work on your personal health and fitness to boot. You won’t get kicked out upon completion as well. This means that you can see the sights you may have missed while running too briskly and you get to have a picnic on one of the many public lawns available. The respective runs start at 07h00.

  1. Soweto Landmarks and Bars Tour, 12 January

Cost: R490 per person, bookings through [email protected], WhatsApp: 082 472 6414

I am an advocate of urban exploring. I understand that some harbour a great deal of trepidation because South Africa is, well, South Africa, but here there will be safety in numbers if you really are inclined to think in such a manner. Nevertheless, for the intrepid, Soweto is a region rich in history and here you will have the opportunity to be guided through her many landmarks and eating and drinking facilities. I understand that the asking rate is rather steep, especially during the month of January, but this opportunity does not come up quite as often as one would want. Fork out, I’d say. The tour will stop at, among other places, at the Orlando Cooling Towers, Vilikazi Street, Regina Mundi Church, Credo Mutwa Village and the Oppenheimer Tower. During the course of the day you’ll also stop at a few famous eateries, chief among them Lebo’s Backpackers.

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