Rob’s Top 5 Picks For The Weekend

by Robert Clunie

This weekend is a rather special one, I’ll have you know. There are two rather special events transpiring and they both fall on the same day nogal! We’ve sung the praises of our mothers some weeks back (and rightly so), but now we have the opportunity to pay tribute to our fathers. We ought to laud our moms so vehemently as we do – they gave birth to us and they have always served as our primary protectors, but our ballies are undoubtedly responsible for our sense of self. They are largely responsible for our sets of skills that propel us through life.

I also harbour a slight suspicion that our dads are a little more fun. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I do think it is so because men fail to grow up more often than not. This is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong; children are all about fun and our old men usually possess the energy reserves to deal with any hysteria. Have a close look at a young family. You’ll quickly notice that the sprouts will turn to dad first if they have an urge to stuff about in the garden or when the time come to learn to ride a bicycle. Ma nurtures and pa entertains.

My old man was not always forthcoming in the developmental department, but hell can he put out a fire if need be. The guy is a consummate problem solver and it has come in handy for many, many years. I was lucky in that he was quite active in his youth. My sister and I never had a sedentary dad. She was a bit of a tomboy, so his job was a little easier. The dude was never unwilling to launch us skyward in the swimming pool, he was never unwilling to play sport with us and he made sure that we were exposed to all sorts of exciting stuff. I do, however, blame my poor golf swing on him.

He’s a lekker bloke, I tell you. The horsing around has stopped, this much is probably obvious, but we do get to play golf together from time to time if his old bones do not hamper him. As he always has done, he is always willing to help out in a tight spot (read: finances). Geez, but have I given that man a few headaches during my years on this earth. Then again, he’d be ireful for a day or two and then laugh about it sometime later – much like we do now with my first car that I wrapped around a tree. All in all, I guess I owe the man a big, grateful thank you.

Also, this Sunday (even if I don’t exactly qualify as one anymore) we have the not-so-insignificant Youth Day. We’re all very familiar why we observe this day given the events of 1976. I always hope, though, that there is a sizable amount of people that don’t just merely treat it as a day off from work or school. It is not only something we ought not forget, but it also most definitely is something from our past that we can continually learn from. I do however wish that you have fun on the day though and that you get the deserved rest that you need. Let’s have a look at this week’s guide.

  1. AFDA Experimental Festival 2019, Ends 16 June.

Cost: Visit AFDA

Many of can’t resist the allure of the typical blockbuster and our film-viewing habits are often confine to the Hollywood conveyor. Most don’t go out of their way to go and see a South African-made film, nevermind one produced by a student. I think it is about time that we had a shift in focus. The country’s premier school for film and other creative fields are is it again once more and this year’s edition is quite a biggie. Think of this showcase as an open day, too. You might be a school pupil yourself that would like to enter a creative field or you might be a parent of a child who expresses a keen interest in as much. Over this weekend a total of 60 films will be showcases all from the institution’s alumni. In addition to this, 30 live theatre productions will be put on and there will be a constant stream of live musicians at the ready to amaze you. You can view the full schedule HERE.

  1. Capital Craft Beer Festival 2019, 15 June

Cost: R100-R160, available through Plankton


You have my permission to indulge – it is a long weekend. Plus, you know, you’ll bask in the crisp winter sun at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. You’ll enjoy yourself heaps more if your surrounds are pleasant. Anyway… beer. The Capital Craft Festival has been a raging success in past edition and there are murmurs that around 10 000 people will rock up for not only a rocking music line-up, but for the opportunity to sample the goods of around 40 craft breweries. It will also be a mighty shame if you do not delve through that Facebook friends list, pick a few out that aren’t otherwise preoccupied and haul them along, too. It isn’t always so, but in this instance it truly is a case of the more the merrier. Also, ready yourself for this… Mango Groove, Black Cat Bones, Bad Peter, joey Rasdien, Casper de Vries, Fokofpolisiekar, Chris Forrest, The Muffinz, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Alfred Adriaan, King Nqoba, Lihlemsimang, Dean Bakkies & The Stolen Horses, Hannes Brummer, Robbie Collins, Little Ringo, Thabiso Mhlongo, The Honeymooners, Claudine Ullman, Zebra and Richelieu Beaunoir. Yeah, your money’s worth.

  1. Toy Story Marathon @ The Bioscope, 17 June

Cost: R70, available through Tixsa


Yes, yes and more yes! Not only do we get to visit the Bioscope once more, but we are to be treated with three movies for a total of R70. As if the big two can offer something like that. Toy Story, much like Shrek, ought to be declared an animated cinematic institution. I can hardly fault any of the three films released to date aside from Sid and Molly’s creepy facial features in the series opener. The fourth edition in the franchise is slated for a June/July release this year and organisers at the Bioscope had the right idea to offer up one through three as a bit of a nostalgic teaser. This is also a golden opportunity to have your kids see these masterpieces during Youth Month, too. I do however, suspect that many adults will jump on that nostalgia train rather quickly because these movies are in fact timeless. I weep for those who have not viewed a single one of these, not only for the joy of it, but for the fact that they were technological marvels beyond their time. So, saddle up with Woody and strap in with Buzz for four-and-a-half hours of pure viewing pleasure.

  1. Father’s Day Trips, 16 June

Cost: Varies

He was the topic of conversation but a few paragraphs up, so it was only fitting to squeeze in a few ideas. There’s actually a few cool things going on for Father’s Day in Johannesburg, but I must admit that Cape Town probably has the coolest activity this Sunday. Let’s do Johannesburg first. You can make a reservation at the Ivy Garden in Bedfordview for a day of only the finest whiskeys and cigars. You’ll set up on the bar’s rooftop during sunset with your old man where you can chat away as much as this opportunity provides. Heed, however, that this is something for the gents over the age of 18. Next up, for R10 only we head off to the Bedfordview Night Market for a family day out and possibly an opportunity to grab an emergency gift at one of the many stalls available. The Father’s Day Fiesta Carnival hosted at the Houghton Golf Club will also offer Dad a bit of peace at some point because there will be a tonne of activities to keep the kids busy. Tickets range between R0 and R300, dependent on age, but costs aside, it is just a good family day out. Lastly, and here is the humdinger, we head off to the V&A Waterfront. This is quite unique because I’ve not seen anything like this before.  On this day there’ll be a beer tasting. Big deal, you might think, eh? Well, you’ll be at sea… or in the harbour at least, but you will be floating on board the Mirage. Jesse Jordan will serve as the live entertainment. Prices vary but a family package of R1200 is available through Quicket.

  1. Youth Day Celebrations, 16&17 June

Cost: Varies


There will be tonnes to do on this day that aims to empower the future leaders of this country. In fact, the country will overflow with activities exposing the youth not only to fun, but some educational material, too, as it should be. I’m going to run through just a few of these and I’m sure that a quick clickety-clack on the old Commodore will serve up a few more. I think our first item ought to be a no-brainer. I urge any who have not been (and those who have) to visit the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum in Soweto. The entrance into the facility in Soweto is but a paltry R30 and it will thoroughly guide you through the happenings during those troubling times. Those who fancy the arts are welcome to see what our youth are up to these days at the Yogi Sip [email protected] Exhibition at The Empty Space in Braamfontein. The Wits Origins Centre will offer discounted entrances all day on Monday for those who’d like to view a theatre production and an educational trip through man’s ancient history.

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