Rob’s Top 5 Picks For The Weekend

I enter this weekend feeling a little melancholic. For a large part of the week I’ve been wistfully thinking back to a simpler time – remembering, basically. That’s what thinking back is in its very essence, is it not? But it goes a little deeper than that. I’m more than merely tapping into my mind’s reserves to recall something that may have transpired in my past. I am, in fact, earnestly reflecting upon my childhood and the space and time I found myself in during those years. I’ve been mulling over the time aspect more so, to be honest, because most hours back then seemed accounted for.

Yes, I often joke by referring to myself as a man-child. I am one and that’s all fine and dandy, but what I do to occupy my time with (my free time, that is) does not seem to hold as much significance as it once did. I’ve built things, I’ve driven things, I climb things, I’m playing an instrument and I recently, stupidly took up golf – you’d figure that I must be a pretty entertained person most of the time. Well, no. I can only wish for as much. The staying power of these activities seems to wane rather fast. Conversely, inane activities kept me busy for hours and days as a kid.

Maybe the tired adult conscious is to blame for this atrocity. Then again, I blame many things on fatigue like my poor gym attendance and my need for a Red Bull now and again. It’s just that all, from my perspective now, seemed so much better. I’m in no way saying that both the freedom and responsibility a grownup has are to be blamed. I just think that a developing mind is a way better toy than money or any of the other trappings that so verily adorn later life. I’d trade a leg to be in that kid’s shoe(s) once more because that kid will find a way to walk – PVC piping and electrical tape works just fine.

We conjured up the fantastic as kids. We were ingenious as kids and I still marvel to this day at our creations of yesteryear. Often when a physical problem arises I try to put myself in that kid’s state of mind to solve the problem. The sad thing is that I often can’t, but I know he had the ability to do so. I believe it is because we overthink so many things. That kid and his child-like wander approached many a thing with no more than his two dirty claws and a what-if-I-do-this attitude. Said attitude coughed up results nine times out of ten.

Adulthood is by no means a drag. I just wish it had a little more of that magic. Nowadays we have to plan our fun and there is no guarantee that we’ll end up enjoying it. Have you ever accepted an invite to a get together where you barely know anyone? Yes, that happens far more after 25 and it can be excruciating to tolerate. As a kid the world was smaller. You’ve not yet discovered what you like and what you don’t to some extent. You were merely an intrepid traveller and pretty much anything else you dreamt in any given moment you could be. Times, therefore, were bloody good.

  1. Joburg Film Festival, 9-11 November

Cost: Varies

Last year’s edition was a raging success – the Japanese movies that were screened were particularly interesting. It therefore makes sense to bring the festival back for a second year and, in the process, grow it quite substantially. You can look forward to over 40 curated films from 60 countries. Now, if that number does not make sense to you, just remember that many countries collaborate on projects. The bonus is that the majority of these films will resonate with you in some manner and not a single one will be a supposed Marvel masterpiece. For a change you’ll go to The Zone, Rosebank Cinema Nouveau, Maponya Mall and Kings in Alexandra and you’ll not be exposed to a Hollywood studio production. You’ll be able to experience various cultures and ideologies from a different perspective and, if you are so inclined, make a new likeminded friend or two. Many genres will be covered and those who love a doccie can also rejoice. For more information visit The Joburg Film Festival.

  1. Food & Beer Pairing, 10 November

Cost: Number dependent – visit World of Beer for details

Yeah, Saturdays are mean for meat and malt. There probably are a tonne of cool things that you can do on this day, but a braai and a beer cannot be surpassed. If you find yourself a little too lazy to do so yourself then I suggest you drop in at the SAB World of Beer in Newtown for their monthly food and beer pairing. It is more than a mere sit-down, too. For your hard-earned money you’ll be treated not only to a tour of the facility, but to a five-star lunch as well. During said lunch you’ll be informed what kind of beer best suits what kind of food – much like one would do with cheese and wine. The difference here is that you won’t go home hungry. You therefore have my permission to indulge.

  1. Gin Connoisseur Tasting With Time Anchor Distillery, 10 November

Cost: R250 available through Quicket

Yeah, maybe I’m trying to get you drunk this weekend. To be fair, there are many out there who’d do so without my help anyway. But let me just be that little imp that coerces you into one more gin or one more shot. You at least get to do so at a stylish classy place that is the Time Anchor Distillery in Maboneng. It’s not like you face the possibility that you’ll pass out in some unknown tiger’s eye in the city. That bit of information should put you at ease then. Here, though, The Anchor will offer you the opportunity to test some of their finest products and your ticket price includes a few treats, too. For your R250 you’ll get three different Time Anchor Gins and Tonic, paired with different garnishes, Time Anchor branded glass, Perfect Serve G&T and a 50ml bottle of gin that you will decant, label and seal yourself, which you can take home with you.

  1. The Johannesburg Tattoo Expo 2018, 09-11 November

Cost: R99-R199 available through Nutickets

For some it will feel like they have walked into a circus sideshow. They’d think there had been a resurrection of the freaks of yesteryear. But these people, despite their appearances, are but normal individuals. Hell, some of them might even earn more than most of us. A friend of mine is a tattoo artists and the amount of money he makes is eye watering. In fact, at times, he’ll spend it on frivolous nonsense because he does not know what to do with it. Re-spraying his car is a good example. Then, on the other side of the gamut, will there be excited, like-minded folk who will thoroughly get their money’s worth. It is essentially a lifestyle festival geared toward the alternative mind-set. It’s about rock ‘n roll. It’s about the curious and it is about the tattoos, naturally. You’ll also be fed and watered properly at 1Fox in Ferreirasdorp, Johannesburg and there are a tonne of other things to look forward to like:

  • Studio exhibitions by leading industry role players
  • Live tattooing
  • Tattoo Awards Show
  • Supplier stands
  • Cosmetic tattooing
  • Alternative apparel and products
  • Beards and barbers.
  • Artisanal food trucks, stalls and seated area
  • Beverage bars
  • Wine bar pop-ups
  •  A Beer garden
  • Live music featuring Fuzigish, Ard Mathews, Wonderboom, The Ceramins and many more
  • Freestyle Motor X show
  • Skate park professional expo
  1. The Classic Car & Motor Show, 11 November

 Cost: R20-R60 available through Computicket

The best thing, I’ve found, about a car show is that your hours are somewhat accounted for. For some reason I love wading through a slew of cars, without any knowledge of them, while I peer through a window just to see what the interior looks like. Plus, more often than not, my smartwatch will ding a couple of times to tell me that I have reached some sort of daily goal I have set for myself. I often enter the doors of a car show with the same child-like wander I spoke of earlier because, despite my limited familiarity with the four-wheeled marvels on display. I also firmly believe that classic cars were far more beautifully designed. Nowadays red tape and emission compliances dictate somewhat what the shape of a vehicle will turn out to look like. Back in the day designers were given carte blanche to go bananas, methinks. It’s also a nice gig to take the kids to – while you marvel at the motoring miracles in front of you, the little ones can play elsewhere. You can also look forward to some live entertainment in various guises at the NASREC Expo Centre this Sunday.



Robert is a descendant of the stout Macpherson Clan out of the Scottish Highlands and can claim Robert the Bruce as a far-off cousin. He suffers from a severe form of Collectors’ Disease and sports an assortment of small valuable curious. In his spare time he works a full-time job, but his real prowess lies within his musical aptitude as a drummer. He is a semi-amateur of the instrument and although he claims beating a drumhead one of the more primal sensations man can experience, he feels it to be an unnatural exercise to pursue. If he could have his way, he’d have breakfast every meal of the day and is a fan of all things Roald Dahl.