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New Issue: We’re Going Gaga For Gaga!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house over at this year’s Oscar Awards ceremony when Lady Gaga and her creative team bagged the coveted Oscar award for Best Original Song, Shallow, from her hit re-make of the classic film, A Star Is Born.

But there were more tears of joy when we saw Gaga and her co-star, hottie Bradley Cooper, took to the stage to sing the actual hit. The interwebs went wild with speculation and more that a fair share of encouragement for the two to become a real life item. We don’t think it’s gonna happen, but one thing is for sure: if the chemistry between them is anything to go by, they are either the best actors of our generation, or their platonic feelings for one another mean they need to release love song after love song, just to keep us alive!

Lady Gaga denies Bradley Cooper romance rumours as she insists Oscars duet was ‘acting’

ICYMI, here is the duet:

This week we look at how Lady Gaga’s real career success has, in her words, ‘killed her relationships’, having just ended one on the back of her movie and acting success.


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