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Issue 50 – From The Digi Desk



We’re nearing the end of the year, and as most offices are winding down amongst tinsel, Facebook when the boss isn’t in, and a fair amount of countdown anxiety, in our newsroom things are the opposite. Because we’re committed to bringing you the best in entertainment, health, beauty, fashion and real-life news, we’re working ourselves – happyily, we might add – thin to get this week’s fix of all of that to a shelf or a digital device near you!

This week, I’m keeping the list simple, because we know you expect the best, and here, quite simply, it is:

1. 2017’s Most Shocking Court Cases

Our legal expert weighs in on the most watched and most shocking court cases that South Africans witnessed this year, from the murder of Sophie by her blesser and the alleged murder of the Van Breda family at the hands of their son, to the horrifying ‘Coffin Case’, as well as that of the Dagga Couple, seeking to legalise marijuana use in Mzansi. Catch all the deets this week in our 4-page Court Drama special.

2. ‘My Boss Made Me A Porn Star’

We can all identify with the occasional ‘strange’ office environment for sure, but this one woman’s story of how her boss exploited her to such an extent that she landed up naked on the Internet is not only frightening, but serve as a warning in the Digital Age. Don’t miss this explosive exposé.

3. Workplace Bullying

We tend to think of bullying as a heinous act committed on the school ground only; you’d be wrong. Read how to identify workplace bullying, and the steps to take to end it. You’ll be surprised at how wide-spread this problem actually is. #MakeADifference

4. Royal Wedding Quiz

The Royal wedding is all the buzz. Find out how much you know about what’s going on behind the scenes. (HINT: We cover the need-to-knows in the same issue!)

5. Regular to Regal

And then we look at other stunning women who have gone from regular to royal, including a South African, who is now tiara-laden and the mother of future royals!

6. Amazing Movie Quiz

Movie buffs – we challenge you to say you know ALL the movie trivia we’re offering you this week! Send us your comments on @people_SA, and let us know what you think!

7. All-New Décor Section

For those that our house proud, this issue is unmissable. Our new Décor editor brings class, sass, trends and the timeless together to bring a look to your pad that will not only calm your soul when you’re on your down time, but have your guests asking, “HOW did you do all this?” P.S. We’re cheating by showing you a preview. Don’t tell the Décor department!

8. Make Your Nails Eco-Friendly

As we know, the world – except President Trump – is doing what they can to prevent climate change by going green. Show your support for going green, with the help of our wonderfully talented beauty editor, Carli Prinsloo – and rocking the look – with nail art!

9. Dress Looks For Summer Party

Summer. It’s here. And the looks that are trending this Summer are here too. And they’re in this issue.

10. Health, Mind and Body

All you need to know about bulimia – such an important problem in society – as well as weight workout tips for beginners.


I know I said we’d had 12 reasons to grab your copy this week; but how can we ignore one of our biggest groups of readers: The Puzzleheads. This week, as always, we have the biggest, best mind-busting puzzles to keep you on the mental gymnastics mat all week!

Remember, if you can’t wait for your print copy, it’s available for download here, and for more news that we just couldn’t fit into the mag, go to for more, and join our Editor’s exclusive WhatsApp group right here!

Until next week, people fans, thanks again for your support, and let us know what you think of the latest issue that we’ve made up for you!


From the Digital Desk, have a great week, with your friends, your family, and your people!
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