Zodwa Wabantu Cancels Wedding?

Yikes! After Zodwa Wabantu got down on one knee and proposed to Ntobeko Linda earlier this year, it seems their relationship has hit a turning point as insiders reveal that the star has allegedly cancelled her upcoming wedding and that the two are finally done for good.

“Zodwa is a strong woman but she loves Ntobeko, hence she finds it hard to deal with his absence,” an insider claims adding that the reality star has cancelled her wedding. Meanwhile, her various social media posts indicate that the star is still going through emotional trauma with her split.

In a recent Instagram post, the star captioned an image of her and Ntobeko saying “I’m Losing myself. I need my Spark back. I’m not Happy anymore. Free Ntobeko he’s still Growing. No Wedding.” In a new interview, Zodwa confirms that “I cancelled the wedding. I am no longer getting married. Me and Ntobeko are finished. We have split.” She adds that “I took a break from him and thought he would fight for me. But he was just quiet. I took that as a sign and so it’s off now.”


However, just a short while later, Zodwa seemed to have a change of heart and that the wedding is still on. “I don’t know a lot of things but the one thing I know is that I do what I say I’ll do, I’m not the type to just back out of things. But, I know that if it is necessary I can always change my mind. We have a lot to talk about and we will be doing so when I see him,”

Meanwhile, on the star’s reality show ‘Zodwa Uncensored’, the star gives fans a glimpse into how she has been preparing for her big day. Insiders add that Zodwa and Ntobeko split about a month ago and they are trying hard to keep their break up a secret. While things are certainly on the rocks, the couple is desperately trying to salvage their relationship.