William Shatner Reminisces On Visiting A Township In Cape Town

This week, the world’s biggest comic convention descended into Africa for its second year and this year, Comic Con Africa brought an impressive array of local and international talent to the convention – one of them being Star Trek’s original Captain T. Kirk, William Shatner.

During a Q&A session with fans at the convention on Saturday, William said that he was thrilled to be in South Africa for the popular convention. “I love South Africa,” William Shatner told an enthusiastic crowd at the start.

The star also shares a moving experience he had in the country a few years ago which catapulted him to start a grassroots charity which helps people around the world. “I have been here before years ago. I was in Cape Town two or three years ago and I had an experience there which I want to share with you,” William shares. “I am this Hollywood actor here in Cape Town filming a movie and we’re on location in various places outside the city. I am in a big black limo feeling very Hollywood and we pass by the townships and I am looking and looking and I ask the driver to take me into the township. The driver says ‘You don’t want to go there’ and I tell him that I really do.”


William adds that “So, this big black limo goes into the dusty roads of the township and I look around me and I see such peacefulness. I see no graffiti, I see families playing in the fields, I see adolescents going to school and I got a sense of peacefulness. In fact, I told my driver that I have this overwhelming feeling of being at peace. What am I feeling? He turns around and tells me that what I am feeling is something that we call in South Africa, Ubuntu.”

William continues saying that this moment had such a powerful impact on him that he knew that he had to use his power and stature as a celebrity with access to the media and press and do something good. “I took the word home with me and I started a grassroots charity and I am calling it Ubuntu Discovery. It’s a place where neighbours can help neighbours via social media,” he says.

The star also admitted that the impact Star Trek has had on the world has been mindblowing to him. “I did Star Trek 55 years ago and it’s so great seeing the franchise still has such a massive following and impact on fans around the world,” William says.

Comic Con Africa is now taking place in Midrand, South Africa until Tuesday 24 September 2019. Tickets are available at Computicket now.

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