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Founder of The Sisterhood movement and Yoga instructor, Buhle Mkhize shows you how to detox your system after festive season indulgences and how to lose the excess weight in time for your smashing-hot bikini-ready-body. Also keep in mind that all the information provided by Buhle Mikhize is for your benefit however we highly recommend consulting the appropriate health and medical professionals prior to engaging in this wellness program – especially if you are on medication. Having said that, brace yourselves and remember, no pain – no gain.

Buhle Mkhize

Happy New Year everyone and WELCOME to our first Wellness Wednesday. I know it’s that time of the year where we are all excitedly signing up for memberships in pursuit of the bikini body. CALM DOWN. You probably have had a gym membership contract or two but never set foot in a gym. The truth of the matter is that it is not signing up for someone to withdraw your hard earned money for nothing that’s going to get you the results. Even having a personal trainer will not do it. YOU and ONLY you can get you into shape.

First step : DECIDE what you want to look like this year. Second, BELIEVE that EVERYTHING you need to achieve your goal is at the tip of your very own fingers. Third and very important, PUT IN THE WORK.

Buhle Mkhize

It is important that you don’t overwhelm yourself. I encourage you to have a small immediate goal like looking peri peri HOT for Valentine’s Day and a big/permanent goal of being an overall healthy person.

My personal intention for inviting you to this weekly Wellness Wednesday is to show you how much power you have over what you look and feel like and to support you in your journey. Like I said above,there’s ZERO need to sign up for anything. We are going to do everything at home, at your own pace.

The focus of the next few weeks is going to be about totally cleansing your system and getting rid of holiday weight. It is crucial that you cleanse at the beginning of the year if you are serious about turning around your health and life in general. I mean it is the BEGINNING, perfect timing for changing habits and resetting your goals/ life intentions.

As far as food cleansing – it resets the digestive track so foods that you find yourself craving begin to have very little appeal to you. YES. You will one day not care about all the junk you think you can’t live without. Just come with me☺️.

The good part of what we are going to be doing is also the fact that we are going to cleanse emotionally through yoga. You have no idea how badly screwed up emotions can mess with not only your weight but your health and life. Alright, let me get to the darn remedies you say😅. I’ve created slides so you can easily download and save them.

Wohloza by Buhle Mkhize
1. Wohloza
This is what you need to start drinking IN PLACE of your breakfast if you feel that you went overboard with ziiibig days and need to drop major weight. The majority of The Sisterhood members lost most of their weight on this.

Buhle Mkhize Wellness Tips

2. Bikini Slimdown Elixir
This is for anyone who doesn’t necessary need to lose weight but have the issue of belly fat and just feeling heavy. YES you can combine this AND Wohloza above if you need to both lose weight and get a flat stomach. If that’s the case you’ll be drinking this FIRST followed by the Wohloza smoothie each morning.

Please NOTE that 90 percent of people I’ve worked with usually can go back to eating the things I recommend not to eat, while using the elixir after about two to three weeks without regaining the fat. This is NOT a licence to overindulge – oh my gosh!😅.

I personally hardly ever drink smoothies at this point because I love where my weight is but this is my NUMBER ONE go to before and after any vacation because I’m a bikini person. It keeps my stomach super flat. It is the same thing I recommend for many of my yoga students who struggle with the midsection.

Buhle Mkhize's inana Crush Infused Water

3. Pinana Crush Infusion Water
This is for everyone who has difficulty controlling their appetite. It is understandable hard to come from eating vetkoeks and whatever, to drinking just a smoothie for breakfast and having a salad for lunch. This will do MAGIC as far as cravings go.

Buhle Mkhize's Wellness Guide

4. Nutritional Food Substitutes
Think colourful vegetables,soups and chicken/fish for the next 21 days. I’ve created a slide to help you with healthier food choices. MAKE THE CHANGES so you can get the results. REMEMBER to also start EVERY morning with a litre of water. Further instructions on the water are on the Elixir slide above.

Buhle Mkhize Yoga Video

5. Exercise
Get a yoga mat please. I take it that many of us are going to spend this weekend buying ingredients for the cleanse, so next Wednesday will cover all the yoga you are going to be doing for the next three weeks. Do NOT overthink it. It’s going to be about three Asanas (Poses) every day asking you to spend ONLY 20 minutes on YOURSELF at the beginning of each day. The Asanas are all going to be those designed to detox your body and bring your mental/emotional peace.

Here is an example demo’s by a Sisterhood member. I will be using a lot of their pictures /videos to to help you understand that you CAN do yoga NO matter what your dress size is. Ninety percent of these women had no idea what their bodies were capable of when I met them and some of them thought yoga was some type of religion. NOT true. At least mine is NOT. I believe in praying and meditating my way through it.

Jackie Mdluli

This is Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose) by Jackie Mdluli. This Asana is therapeutic for infertility,increases energy and counteracts depression amongst a lot of other wonderful benefits. Don’t worry, I will be showing you a beginner’s version of this pose video next Wednesday.

Until then,

Buhle Mkhize

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