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The Travel Diaries: Melinda Bam

Melinda Bam

For some of us January means brokenness and getting back to work after burning our December bonuses, for celebs, however, it’s a different story. Because the festive season is their busiest time of the year, they take the month of Jan to go on Holiday.

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The smile you give before something daunting, but potentially the best time of your life… Took this photo at @clubmedvalthorens just before an exhilarating day on the slopes – and its safe to say, although hesitantly excited, I was partly scared not knowing if my abilities would measure up to the great demand of the icy slopes, and if my body would dare go where my mind could not even edge. . The point is, that I found myself with a similar smile on my face today, the 1st back to business day of 2019, and again I feel hesitantly excited, still scared to see whether my abilities will measure up against the demands of the year – but I find myself giving myself the same pep-talk I did on the slopes:. . Forward is forward, even if you fall, you fall forward, even if you take a tumble and end up with snow down your pants, just get back up and keep going forward! When you trust the process, lean in, be agile – even go a bit faster – it gets easier!. When we resist the draw of momentum, start backtracking, doubting whether you’re actually capable – thats when you fall – so just lean in!. . #NewYearsRevolution #1 : Lean In! . Embrace the slopes of 2019 and the routes you will take, some turns will be sudden, some faster and others bumpier – some you’ll soar over like its nothing, and others will have you gritting your teeth, but the things you will see when you stop fearing the unknown or your abilities – you’ll be able to look up, take a breath of fresh air and behold the most majestic landscapes every road lead to! . . . #leanin #livetoinspire #inspiretolive #2019 #resolutionrevolution #nofear #ski #clubmedsa

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Melinda Bam’s baecation started last year but carried on to the New Year. The television personality and her spouse Adriann Bergh have been having the time of their lives in Europe, namely France and the Czech republic! They spent a few days skiing and snowboarding!



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