Toni Mngoma Makes Her Mark On The Local Music Space With New Single ‘Eternity’

Toni Mngoma and Daniel Baron have a remarkable history. After spotting Toni perform at a local talent competition, Daniel helped write what would become Toni’s debut single ‘Touch The Sky’. Now, a year after their first collaboration, Toni makes her highly-anticipated comeback as she taps Daniel for a poignant new duet titled ‘Eternity’. 

‘Eternity’ is a sultry dance tune blended with multiple African rhythmic influences and its uniqueness quickly draws a listener in. Toni’s pure artistry glides throughout the song with the graceful vocal prowess of a diva. “I wanted to write a song about that feeling you get when you’re so in love, that being with that person completely lights you up, fills you up and you still can’t get enough of them that you imagine that this what heaven must feel like,” Toni says of the song. “I love the idea of being so consumed with love that nothing else could make you happier.”

After the success of her debut single, Toni knew that she wanted to work with Daniel on the songwriting and production elements of her next track but as the process progressed, Toni knew that having Daniel jump on the track vocally and share a male perspective would take the song to a different level. “Working with Daniel was an absolute pleasure,” Toni says. “As a new artist, it’s amazing to meet and work with kind, patient producers who share the same dreams and goals as the artist – creating timeless magic through music. The patience he exercises and flexibility he gives to the artist to experiment in the sessions makes him such a dream to work with.”


Inspired by Brenda Fassie, Toni is excited to show off her talent to South Africa and the world as she delivers a unique offering to the local South African music space. “I had always loved and admired Brenda Fassie’s vocal skill and style. She was my first musical hero. After being introduced to the greats like Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson, I combined everything these local and international acts inspired in me and found my sound. I am really excited to finally share ‘Eternity’ with the world.”

Toni is excited to continue making her mark on the music industry with her eclectic musical style and direction, and ‘Eternity’ showcases not only her diversity, but her passion for pushing her own boundaries. 

‘Eternity’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now.

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